Replatforming from Magento

Replatforming your Magento store can be a complex task. At Statement, we are experts in Magento to Shopify replatforming projects. We’re a digital agency with over 10 years of experience in helping growing eCommerce merchants reach their goals.

A Decade of Experience on Web Projects & Migration

At Statement, we have over a decade of experience in working with merchants on their replatforming projects.

We’ve managed a number of Magento to Shopify replatforming projects over the years, and we’ve developed a great understanding of how to manage projects efficiently to give your business the best possible results.

A Magento replatforming project is a big undertaking for any business. We’ll guide you through your Magento to Shopify replatforming project and help you make the best decisions for your store at every stage.

We’re Shopify Experts

We are a Shopify Experts agency with years of experience in managing Magento replatforming projects.

We’re passionate about Shopify as a modern, adaptable and powerful eCommerce platform that’s focused around helping you run a growing business.

Migrating your Magento store to Shopify will give you a platform that’s flexible, stable and secure. One that’s not prone to the security issues many Magento merchants face, and one on which you’ll never have to press that update’ button again.

Thinking about Replatforming?

If you’re thinking about replatforming your Magento eCommerce store to Shopify, feel free to get in touch with one of our team. We’d be happy to discuss your project with you and help you put together the best plan for your business.

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