Google AdWords

Google AdWords enables you to market your products or services in Google's search results page, via the use of an advert that appears when people search for phrases directly related to your products and services

How We Can Help

Target relevant audiences

Using Google AdWords, you can specifically present your brand to those actively searching for your product or services.

Be in control

By setting a monthly budget, you can be entirely in control of how much you spend and can dictate how much a lead is worth to you.

Hire an expert

Hiring an expert like ourselves means you can more effectively use the platform in the most cost-effective way.

Track conversions

You can easily see just how many conversions are happening as a result of your campaigns and can make amends accordingly.

Helping customers to find you on Google

Adwords is Google's online advertising programme which allows you to target your potential customers whilst they are searching on Google.

Adwords enables you to market your products or services in Google's search results page, via the use of an advert that appears when people search for phrases directly related to your offering.

The platform runs on a 'pay per click' system which means that you are in control of exactly how much you pay for each visit to your website. You set a max cost-per-click and then this is run through a bidding system which takes into account landing page quality, budget, search intentions etc. to create a list of advertisers who will appear for each search term.

You only pay the amount you have bid if someone directly clicks on your ad as a result of their search, and the trick with Adwords is to ensure that the clicks are coming from customers that are ready to make a purchase, so that you get a good return on investment from your ads.

The value of Google AdWords

Google Adwords is an excellent way of driving qualified leads to your website, and you are in complete control of who you are targeting; including their location, language and the exact phrase that they type into Google.

Google Adwords gives you a chance to appear at the top of the Google search engine results page for your target keywords where you might not usually have a chance through your organic search presence - this is why it is often an essential component for marketing a new website and driving that initial traffic.

Google Adwords doesn't just stop with text adverts coming up in search results - advertising with Google is growing to include everything from creating adverts to appear on Google's display network (choosing the specific websites you would like them to appear) to ads on Google Maps. You can also create Product Listing Ads which will enable your products to appear in Google Shopping results.

How we can help

Adwords can look straight-forward from the outside, but once you are in the system, there are hundreds of different options and settings to contend with - we have the know-how to be able to set up your campaigns and Ad groups using these settings to get the most out of your advertising budget.

We start with research and exploration to discover your unique brand story and values so that we can identify your ideal customers. Once we know more about your brand and your ideal customers, we can then start to craft a strategy for Adwords that will bring qualified potential customers to your site. Adwords campaigns need adjusting and refining regularly to ensure the best results, so we can work with you on this.

For any ongoing marketing activities we jointly agree a range of metrics to measure performance against, this enables us to effectively review the impact of the activity in your monthly report.

Our Google Adwords services range from a campaign health check, through to campaign creation and optimisation and full ongoing management. If you're looking to work with us on your campaign, you're advised to read through Google's disclosure on Working with Third-Parties.

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