Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating useful and engaging content that is targeted to people who are interested in your product or service.

How We Can Help

Creating great content

Engaging content spanning across on-site articles, downloadable guides, interactive quizzes, handouts and even audio and video content.

Targeted to your audience

The content we produce will be specifically targeted to your ideal customers and will encourage them further down the sales funnel.

Added credibility and industry leadership

By creating content on your industry and market, you can position yourself as a leader in your sector and provide customers with added trust.

Improved search presence

Through regular, relevant content, your site will benefit greatly from an improved search presence and higher rankings.

Creating great content

Content comes in various forms such as blog posts, videos, downloadable guides, case studies, interactive tools and even infographics.

The greatest challenge with content marketing is coming up with really engaging topics and themes for your content to ensure that it is useful, interesting or entertaining to your readers. Great content, the kind that brings in more visitors and increases conversion rates, should solve a problem or provoke an emotion.

The value of content marketing

Creating and promoting high quality content has many advantages, from attracting new potential customers to your site and answering popular questions, to capturing the attention of influential people who run other websites in your sector who may link to your great content.

When done well, content can also add value and credibility to your brand and generate user confidence; when a website visitor sees that you are providing helpful and engaging content it delivers a great first impression and makes them more likely to bookmark your website, follow you on social media, share the content with their friends, and ultimately consider your business as a supplier when they require your products or services.

Credible and useful content also has a strong bearing on your website's presence in search - Google ranking is strongly associated with the quality of the links to your website and content on the site, and we also know that social shares could form part of this.

How we can help

We can assist you with every aspect of a successful content marketing campaign, from finding relevant keywords to target, planning topics and headlines for your blog posts, posting regular engaging articles on your behalf, and even sharing your great content through social media and email marketing.

As part of our unique growth approach, we start with research and exploration to discover your unique brand story and values so that we can identify your ideal customers. Once we know more about your brand and your ideal customers we can then start to craft a content marketing strategy that we know your target audience will engage with. We can also keep working with you and refining the campaign to ensure the very best results.

For any ongoing marketing activities, we jointly agree a range of metrics to measure performance against. This enables us to effectively review the impact of the activity in your monthly report. Our content marketing services range from a one-off training session to full monthly management packages.

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