Week 9: Integrating with Offline

Coffee ShopOnce you’ve got your online strategy planned out, you’ll need to think how it will support your business offline, and vice versa. So what can you do to ensure that you are successfully integrating your efforts online with offline?

Are Your Digital Platforms Promoted In-Store or in Your Offices?

While the majority of retailers will promote their digital platforms (their social presence, for example) online, only 24% of retailers actually promote their digital platforms in-store.

While you may not find it appropriate to plaster your Twitter handle all over the wall of your office, using window stickers or small signs can be a subtle, yet effective, way to make your customers and clients aware of your presence on digital.

Even quickly mentioning your website or social presence to your customers and clients can be effective in increasing awareness of your digital platforms - and telling your visitors about any competitions you may be holding online can really drive them to these channels.

Do You Collect Email Addresses Offline?

If you’ve ever shopped with retailers such as Topshop, Waterstones or Urban Outfitters, chances are that you’ve been asked for your email address so they can send you their marketing newsletters.

It might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but making sure you ask your customers for their email addresses face to face, and building your email database offline as well as online, can be very beneficial for your business. You might be surprised by how many people really are happy to give you their email address.

Do You Promote Your Events Online?

Of course, integrating online and offline isn’t only a responsibility for your offline team. If you ever hold offline events - whether these are in-store sale events or fundraising galas - it’s important that you promote them through your online channels.

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Promoting your events on your social media platforms and in your email marketing is a must if you want to get the word out. For more important or major events, writing blog posts about them (which you can then promote through your social channels and emails) will give your customers and clients everything they need to know - without requiring them to contact you or travel to you to find out what the event entails.

Our Advice

If you have separate teams for online and offline, to ensure that you are delivering the best possible experience for your customers, you will need to ensure that there is regular communication to prevent either side from missing anything that they should be helping to promote.

If you’d like any tips on ensuring that you are fully integrating your online and offline presence, feel free to tweet us @Statement.

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