by Sally Ramsey

Always looking to improve their platform and grow alongside their users’ needs, Shopify has released its biannual ‘Editions’ for Winter 2023. 

Never ones to rest on their laurels, Shopify has come in hot with their latest ‘Editions’ for 2023, announcing over 100 new features all designed to up-the-ante on what the platform can do for brands and, ultimately, improve onsite efficiencies and boost conversions.

The features were announced in true Shopify style, with easy-to-digest content, an engaging user interface and the expected sprinkle of personality the platform is known for.

Want to explain the update to your 10-year old? Shopify has you covered:

‘We made over 100 new things for people to make and sell cool things for a super long time!’

How about what Editions 2023 can do for the entrepreneurs out there?

‘Introducing over 100 game-changing advancements to fuel brand growth and reach customers everywhere.’

While a welcome update with some much-anticipated new features, digesting 100+ pieces of information could overwhelm the best of us. Our eCommerce Strategy Director, Dan Conboy, has done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Dan, which features are most pertinent to Shopify Plus merchants and what’s your take on them?

one-page checkout.

Speed is the name of the game. With Shopify’s checkout system already considered by many as a cut above the rest, this update makes the process even faster and with fewer steps. It’s no secret that user attention spans are dwindling and with brands fighting the curse of ‘the abandoned checkout’, this feature aims to provide Shopify merchants with an even better conversion rate. A highly-anticipated update, we’ll be watching the stats closely on this one!

checkout customisation.

Introducing the drag-and-drop checkout editor. Only available for Shopify Plus merchants, brands can now edit their checkout to fit in with their branding, with the ability to add logos and select different colour backgrounds or even add images. Additional features such as app extensions to build in things like your loyalty program to the process are also available.

While some great new additions for Shopify Plus merchants, brands need to move forward with caution and remember that simple and quick checkouts are key to higher conversion rates.

Strike a balance between customisation and over-complicating the journey for your user.

shop magic.

Artificial intelligence. The latest hot topic in the digital world and one that brands are quick to see the benefits of. Shopify Magic utilises the power of AI to create product descriptions, so you don’t have to. All brands need to do is provide the tool with relevant features and keywords and, hey presto, the copy is created.

While a great feature and one that could save businesses both time and resources, there’s potential for repetitive, generic copy. Think carefully about how best to harness this feature without losing your brand's tone of voice and unique identity.


Gone are the days when your site was used to simply display, and sell, your products. Consumers are looking for richer experiences on your site and are engaging with content in a different way. Metaobjects allow you to create custom content to boost the onsite experience, with the capability to add quizzes, FAQs and much more to your store.

As content creation, brand storytelling and customer buy-in to your brand's identity are more important than ever, this update can only be a good thing as brands look to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

pos go.

Currently only available in the US, this new hardware recognises that in-person sales will never be a thing of the past and looks to create a seamless integration between your online store and good old-fashioned physical sales.

POS Go allows retailers to sell and take payment from a single device. A game-changer for sure, and we look forward to seeing the international versions.

translate and adapt app.

Going global doesn’t have to be a headache. This feature allows your content to work internationally, offering side-by-side comparisons of translated content. The app also takes into consideration things like different spelling between locations, such as American-English vs British-English.

This update has been available for some time and we eagerly await what other features may be rolled out with it, such as the potential for adjusting images.

product publishing feature.

A long-time coming, product publishing allows retailers control over which products are shown in which region. This easy-to-implement feature allows brands to allocate set products to certain markets, and remove unwanted products from others. Shopify uses international markets and removing parcels too heavy to send as a great example of the feature in play.

market-specific order routing and fulfilment.

In a bid to improve business efficiency, Shopify will be rolling out ‘Smart Order Routing.’ Designed to let brands create rules surrounding routing, and to improve stock inventory based on customer location, this update is not yet available but brands can sign-up for early access for this feature.

With a huge range of new features released in their Editions Winter 2023, Shopify has once more proved they listen to merchants' feedback and roll with the changing tides.

If you’re interested in learning more about the latest features rolled out by Shopify and how they can positively impact your business, why not get in touch with our team of Shopify experts

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