by Laura Jones

Change is on the horizon for Statement. And we couldn’t be more excited about it. But as we look to our next game-changing development we thought, hey, why not take a little journey down memory lane.

Every brand has a story and we’re no different. Originally starting out online as a retailer, we eventually grew tired of the status quo and set out to set the digital agency world on fire.

Once Statement was up and running, we quickly found ourselves rising in the ranks online and taking on more and more exciting clients. Eight years after Statement as we know it today was born, we were acquired by the digital powerhouse, idhl.

Now, six years later, change is on the horizon once more for Statement. And we couldn’t be more excited about it. But as we look to our next game-changing development we thought, hey, why not take a little journey down memory line.

After all, you can’t see how far you’ve come without looking back sometimes…

where it all began

Rewind back to 1999, if your mind will let you scroll back that far, and you’ll find a very different version of who we are today. Starting out as the internal web support for an online retailer, we worked with various digital agencies all of which we found to be great at overpromising and underdelivering.

After years on one side of the coin, in 2010 we decided to flip our business on its head and join the agency world. Using our own experience with agencies, we looked to build something unique, with a greater understanding of what clients really need versus what agencies think they need. And so, we became Statement, a web development agency.

By 2014, we found our niche. Working exclusively on Shopify, we wanted to help businesses scale on a platform that would grow with them.

the idhl years

Four years after we set out as your go-to Shopify agency, our next chapter began. Attracting the attention of agency group idhl, we officially joined their growing portfolio in 2018. Alongside NetConstruct and Pinpoint, we further cemented the group’s bid to become the biggest and the best collection of agencies in the UK.

Dan Conboy, idhl’s Director of eCommerce Strategy and the MD of Statement at the time of the acquisition, spoke of how the move would allow Statement to “be better positioned with the resource behind us to build upon our current scale and achieve ambitions during this time of rapid growth as Shopify’s UK presence grows.”

And, oh boy, did we deliver. Since becoming a part of the group, Statement has grown from strength to strength. With a client base including Lights4fun, Neom and Taylors of Harrogate, we have worked with an exciting and diverse range of clients. And it doesn’t stop there, we continue to press into the Shopify ecosystem as a front-foot innovator and perhaps the first significant Shopify Plus partner to have every single developer officially Shopify certified.

there’s no stopping us now

We’ve made a habit of not standing still. Thanks to our amazing team of people, we’ve come a long way since we cooked up Statement back in 2010. Now, our most exciting transformation is ready to begin.

As idhl becomes an even bigger player in the digital game, we’re saying goodbye to the name Statement and joining forces with the group's nine agencies, going to market unified under one name – idhl.

Combining expertise across a diverse range of disciplines, this next step for us means we can offer unparalleled knowledge and experience to our clients, supporting them in their bid for continued, accelerated growth.

So, watch this space. The next three months are going to be our best yet and we can’t wait to take you on this journey with us.

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