Week 3: A Successful Website

Successful WebisteOnce you’ve planned your strategy and have an idea of what your activity will include, it’s time to put this into practice. So how can you improve your website, increase conversions and transform your site presence into a success?

What Are Your Aims?

If you want to have a successful website, it’s vital that you have a clear vision of what you want your site to achieve. Whether this is to sell more products online, or to reassure your customers, having a clear purpose for your site will help greatly when it comes to designing, building and writing the copy for your site.

Who Is Your Website Trying to Reach?

In order to have a successful website, you need to know who your audience is, and who will be visiting the site.

It’s likely that you will have a variety of different groups of people visiting your site (customers with an intent to buy, researching customers, potential business partners, etc.), so identifying these groups is vital in ensuring that you cater to each one sufficiently.

Having clear insight into exactly who you want to reach through your website will mean that you will be able to include all of the information that each audience group will be looking for.

Design & FeaturesHow Will These Factors Influence the Design and Features of Your Website?

Depending on your business, and the main purpose of your site, you may choose to integrate everything that your various audiences will be looking for, or you may have different sections and pages for each group.

For example, if the bulk of your site is your eCommerce store, you may then have a page of information for partners and a page for wholesalers in order to keep this information out of the way for your customers, but still easy to find for those who would be looking for it.

However, if your site is in place to provide information to very similar audience groups, who would be looking for a lot of the same information, you may choose to structure your site by focusing more on the topics you will be providing information about, as opposed to who will be visiting the site.

Is Your Site Flexible?

For any business, having a website that is flexible and easy to make changes to is the key to success. If you have a website that isn’t very flexible, or doesn’t use a very user-friendly CMS, you will run into problems when you need to make changes and respond to new opportunities.

If you have vacancies become available, you begin to offer a new service, or you need to make changes to existing pages (change imagery, copy, etc.), it’s important that you have a website that allows you to do this quickly and easily whenever you need to.

Our Advice

Determine exactly what you need your site to do. Once you have your goals in place, identifying who you need to reach and how you will structure your website will be much easier. If you need any tips on determining the aims of your website, tweet us @Statement.

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