Going Paperless

Over the past few months I made a personal pledge to try and go paperless. I was finding that my desk was becoming littered with scraps of paper. When I went to see clients I'd take notes using a pad and then struggle to locate the information a few days later as the paper would 'disappear'. As a technology business I realised this was quite ridiculous and vowed to make a change.

How to go paperless

For me this is all about the gadgets. I use my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air throughout each day. So I needed a place to centrally store notes that could be accessed and edited on any of my gadgets. Thanks to a recommendation from Paul Boag, I set up Evernote.

Evernote is a superb note taking app. You can store much more than text; it can copy photos, audio, web pages and more. At present I'm probably only using it to about 25% of its capability, but it works for me.

When I create or anything in Evernote it automatically syncs all my devices. Even better, it's free. Paul has written a great article about all the features that Evernote has to offer.  

Next steps

At the moment I'm about half way though the paperless journey. The next step is to ditch all the paper files and scan old records into my online system. This will take a while so will probably end up being a task I do when I'm on my own in the office during the Christmas and New Year break.


I still like scribbling notes. I have a small Moleskine notebook and a writing pad on my desk to jot down notes when on the phone. Whilst this is counter to my paperless ambitions, I feel it's acceptable. It's a bit like the dieter eating the odd biscuit or the vegetarian having a sneaky bacon sandwich. OK, maybe not. But I don't see it as a relapse really. I just need to make sure I keep it in check.

The results so far

I have more work to do. My desk still has a lot of papers on it that either need scanning or shredding. But I'm getting there and so far, so good. It's great having all my information in one place and it's an important part of my overall aim to get super organised.

Have you gone paperless in your office? Or did you try it and it didn't work out? Let me know your thoughts.

Right, just off to tidy my desktop now...

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