Launching Your eCommerce Brand

If you're an ambitious brand and looking to fast track the growth of your eCommerce startup, you will have very specific needs for your online store.

It all starts with an idea

You have a great idea for an eCommerce business, but what happens next? You need to turn your idea into a flourishing business by exciting new customers, converting your website traffic and keeping your customers coming back.

Our eCommerce expertise

  • Insights & Discovery
  • User experience
  • Creative design
  • Front end development
  • eCommerce platform setup
  • Integrations
  • EPOS point of sale integration
  • Digital Marketing strategy
  • Social media
  • Paid search & advertising
  • Conversion rate optimisation
Our expertise

Thyme, an eCommerce retailer of frozen foods and smoothies

Our expertise

We have done it before. We started as an internal team in an existing eCommerce business that’s now turning over £2.5 million a year, and we've been there every step of the journey.

Our team knows what a startup eCommerce business is faced with every day, so we can make sure your online store, your marketing and your systems are tailored for your very specific needs.

Why Statement?

  • 15 years of commercial experience
  • We've grown and run our own £2m+ eCommerce business
  • Worked with major brands such as Philips & OSRAM
  • eCommerce specialists
How we can help

Dexters, an eCommerce retailer of unique interchangeable workwear

How we can help

As an experienced eCommerce agency, we can provide you with the full range of services that you need to launch your business.

  • Online store development with Shopify
  • Launch marketing strategy
  • Management of launch marketing
  • Digital strategy support
  • eCommerce consultancy

In summary

If you're an ambitious brand and looking to work with a specialist eCommerce agency who can help you to fast track your growth, Statement are your ideal partner.

Projects start from £3,000

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Dexters, an eCommerce retailer of a unique bread product

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