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by Emily Yarwood

There’s a myriad of misconceptions surrounding Shopify Plus that we’re here to debunk to show how the platform could benefit your business.

While Shopify Plus is the leading choice of eCommerce platform for many retailers, for others there remains a fair few misconceptions. Whether it be pricing concerns or doubts that it can handle the complexities of larger businesses, we’ve heard them all.

When you’re evaluating eCommerce platforms, it can be difficult to decipher misinformation from the truth. But this is a big decision, it’s normal to take time to do your research and to be cautious – in fact, we advise it.

In this blog, we discuss some of the common misconceptions surrounding Shopify Plus and set the record straight on what this platform really can offer your business.

1) it’s too expensive.

Some perceive that the Shopify platform is too expensive but in reality, Shopify offers two versions with monthly pricing plans to suit the requirements of starting at a minimum of $2k per month.

When it comes to the Shopify platform, these are your two choices:

  1. shopify: The core Shopify platform is ideal for smaller businesses who want to sell online. However, if you’re a bigger store turning over millions, you will likely benefit from a more customisable, advanced experience which is where Shopify Plus can help.
  2. shopify plus: The enterprise version offers the same core dashboard and features as Shopify, but with added functionality, exclusive features, integrations, more control over the checkout and dedicated support options.

It comes down to what you want from your eCommerce store and that will help you to decide which plan and platform version is best suited to your needs. Assess whether the core Shopify platform can handle your needs or if it could be more cost-effective to upgrade to Shopify Plus to benefit from its added features and apps. You want to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to, but also have room to scale.

However, as Chris Rutledge, Head of Technical Solutions of Statement, explains:

“Shopify Plus is often considered by enterprise organisations looking to move from platforms like Magento and Hybris to something more agile. For the expense, Shopify Plus is cheaper than other enterprise solutions. As well as the exclusive apps it offers, it’s important to understand that a merchant gets up to 10 full, separate stores as part of their Shopify Plus investment. These stores can be used for anything, such as international sites better tailored to the target territories or to market specific products, brands or sub-brands.”

Just like Chris says, you don’t pay extra for nothing. Shopify Plus enjoys exclusive features that you can’t get with the standard Shopify product:

  1. More theme customisation
  2. Unlimited internal accounts and additional permission settings
  3. More control over the checkout
  4. Wholesale channels
  5. A unified dashboard to manage multiple stores
  6. Exclusive Shopify apps

If you need advice on which version and pricing plan is right for your business, we can help.

2) it’s not designed for high-growth brands.

Many doubt that the platform offers the capabilities their eCommerce store needs even though Shopify Plus was designed specifically for high-growth brands and the unique challenges you may face. This makes it an ideal platform for enterprise brands, as well as those looking to scale up.

For example, features like the below help to simplify work processes and offload time-consuming tasks allowing for increased efficiency and higher productivity:

  1. launchpad: Schedule sales, product drops and restocks while automating discounts and releasing promotions across multiple sales channels.
  2. flow: Automate your everyday tasks with Shopify Flow. Tag and segment customers based on buying behaviour and automate your inventory management.
  3. shopify scripts: Fully customise checkout experiences by adding bespoke features such as programmable discounts, free gifts with purchase, exclusive shipping options, tiered discounts and bundles.

3) it’s not customisable.

Limited customisation is another misconception we hear when it comes to Shopify Plus. Retailers can be doubtful that the platform offers a flexible solution that can be tailored to the challenges they encounter. Nevertheless, Shopify Plus is more customisable than you may first think…

“Shopify Plus is a fantastic, fully featured and agile solution when it comes to customisation. By engaging with a Shopify Plus development partner like Statement, the presentation and features of a site can be almost limitless.” – Chris Rutledge, Head of Technical Solutions

Whether it’s automating full-scale campaigns, creating personalised buyer journeys or offering seamless payments, Shopify Plus allows you to customise all that matters to today’s online shoppers.

4) it’s not good for wholesale.

Some have fallen into the trap of thinking Shopify Plus is not an ideal solution for wholesalers. However, the platform’s wholesale channel is designed to expand your business into new territory by creating a separate, password-protected storefront as an expansion of your online store. Your wholesale customers and orders then become trackable under your Shopify admin. Along with many other features the wholesale channel provides, it’s a Plus-only channel which you can’t get the benefit of on the standard Shopify platform.

5) shopify plus is not seo friendly.

SEO should always be in the back of your mind when it comes to choosing an eCommerce platform. Organic traffic is a key component of online success and, fortunately, Shopify Plus addresses this as part of their offering.

"With page speed becoming ever more important in SEO, Shopify have launched Online Store 2.0 with speed as a number one priority. The platform's new default template, Dawn, scores a full 100 on Google Page Speed Insights." – Chris Rutledge,Head of Technical Solutions

With built-in SEO features to help you improve and manage your organic traffic, Shopify Plus is equipped to take care of site mapping, page loading speeds, readable URLs and more. Working alongside our connected agency, WMG, we lean on the expertise of SEO specialists to help you get even more out of the Shopify Plus platform.

shopify plus and your business.

While misconceptions still exist around the Shopify Plus platform, many can be easily discussed and debunked by speaking to an expert. From our experience starting as an online retailer, Shopify Plus fast became our platform of choice for many reasons such as:

  1. futureproofed technology: Shopify is at the height of rapid technology advances packed with powerful features, effortless management tools, automation flows and rich customisation capabilities.
  2. an end-to-end customer experience: Powered by headless commerce, you can plug in all the systems your brand needs including your CMS, ERP, PIM or CRM to reach your customers wherever they are.
  3. fast and reliable: Unlimited bandwidth and 99.9% average uptime provide constant peace of mind. Go to market quicker, scale faster and spend your time creating memorable brand experiences. There’s also no need to ever request or pay for more servers during peak trading times as Shopify handles all of this without charging extra.
  4. a world-class app store: Reviews, payment providers, shipping options and search functionality, Shopify’s app store offers a range of first-class technology partners that can be added to your store with the click of a button.

Designed for ambitious merchants, we supported many brands in making the move to the Shopify Plus platform including NEOM, Cloud Nine and N.Peal to name a few. Take a look at our other replatforming projects or get in touch with our eCommerce experts to discover more.

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