Shopify Markets

by Amba Wilkes

If going global is in your plans, Shopify Markets might just pique your interest. Recently announced, this new addition to Shopify is a new and easier way for merchants to scale internationally.

Shopify recently announced the launch of Shopify Markets – a new and easier way for merchants to scale internationally. If going global is in your plans, Shopify Markets will let you sell to anyone on the internet from a single store. 

The new addition to the Shopify platform is currently still in beta and not yet available to everyone. In the meantime, we’ve been digging into the different functionalities it will offer.

then and now: shopify changes. 

Until now, Shopify merchants would have needed to set up multiple stores for individual regions. However, with a world of online opportunity just waiting to be tapped into, today, merchants need less complexity and more ease. 

Through the introduction of Shopify Markets, internationalisation will be made possible through a single storefront and admin console. Making the management of your eCommerce operations seamless, you’ll be able to take care of pricing, currencies and calculating duties all within one place. 

Providing everything you need to sell to a global audience, Shopify Markets streamlines global expansion making it easier than ever to grow your business. 

shopify markets: the benefits.

  • grow, grow, grow: Reach new markets and new customers in just a few clicks from one admin console and one store. 
  • boost your sales: Increase your selling opportunities by creating custom buying experiences for individual markets. 
  • scale faster: Shopify Markets offers new settings allowing you to automatically optimise your business across markets and manage different regions with greater ease and control. 
  • connect with your audience: Make it easier to connect with your international customers by allowing them to engage familiar shopping experiences that will convert in their market. 

global expansion made easy with shopify.

Remember, Shopify Markets is still in beta and not yet available to all, but the announcement has been made of the launch coming soon. Here’s a little more on what we can expect Shopify Markets will bring to the platform:

  • custom markets: Select market areas that are relevant to your business by creating a single country market or by grouping various countries together. 
  • pricing controls: Take control of your global pricing strategy by setting specific prices for specific markets. 
  • inventory locations: Serve products to your customers in different markets based on where your inventory is located to make logistics that little bit easier. 
  • optimise for specific markets: With automated optimisation, you can optimise for international markets based on data and changing market conditions. 
  • market analytics: Get to know your markets one by one with market analytics. See your performance across each region so you can predict demand and set specific goals. 

shopify markets and your store. 

If you want to find out more about Shopify Markets, whether it could be a suitable option for your expansion plans and what to expect, don’t hesitate to get in touch and register your interest. We have experience working with brands to grow their global presence including Hotel Chocolat and lights4fun.

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