NEOM are a fast-growing health and wellness brand. Selling natural well-being products through a network of stores and their website, they offer a premium, connected customer experience.

Their previous Magento 2 site was increasingly unreliable, making it hard to innovate and react. NEOM not only required a new platform but also wanted an agency that could truly understand their retail challenges. Shopify Plus and Statement were the perfect fit.

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The objectives.

  • Replatform to a reliable and scalable platform
  • Empower their in-house team to take back control
  • Build a connected omnichannel solution
  • Support their continued business growth

The challenge.

Over the years, NEOM has built a loyal customer base as they expand and introduce new product lines. When an opportunity is presented, they’re proactive and need to get to market fast. Suffering from a lack of website agility, they made the decision to replatform from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus - the hosted and scalable platform. A short timescale was agreed to deliver a summer-ready store in just five months.

With both an online and offline presence, creating a connected customer experience was key to the project. However, NEOM’s in-store POS software was different to their website technology. We needed to connect their systems to unlock their true growth potential, empowering their internal team and allowing them to enhance customer experience.  

“We needed a team that would work with us, not just for us, and Statement fit the bill. Their friendliness, professionalism, passion for our brand and eagerness to work collaboratively won us over. We’ve had a great working relationship since day one. The team have assisted us to deliver projects on time, helped to troubleshoot and fix problems at the drop of a hat and have been supportive throughout.”

Adam Meads, eCommerce Product Manager

The solution.

Integration expertise.

Replatforming NEOM’s site to Shopify Plus required a thorough data migration process. We integrated with Sage X3, their back-office management system, email marketing tool, Ometria and LoyaltyLion, their third-party logistics partner, to support them in raising brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Elevating the customer experience.

To build an omnichannel solution, we’re integrating Shopify’s POS system with NEOM’s in-store till system. This will allow customer data to be shared across all channels including product recommendations, loyalty offers and incentives.

NEOM’s shop assistants can use iPads to connect with a customer in store, accessing what they have previously purchased to create a tailored shopping journey. Shopify’s powerful capabilities will enable NEOM to create connected, engaging and inspiring customer experiences, whether shopping online or in-store.


Supporting future growth.

Designed to empower marketers and retailers, Shopify Plus is user-friendly and scalable. Leveraging the platform’s functionalities, we created a streamlined user experience and dynamic design, bringing products to life with rich media content. Detailed product information and user reviews are a core component, showcasing the quality and trust that NEOM is famous for.

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