Priti’s story is sure to inspire many women. It was only after raising her children that she decided it was time to do something for herself and find a career she genuinely enjoyed. Now in her second role as a QA Analyst, Priti shares insight into why it’s never too late to begin a new career and the advice she would give to women just starting in the world of technology.

tell us how you got into a career in tech.

I had tried different careers before, but I wasn’t happy with them. One day my friend suggested doing a testing certification. When I had cleared these certifications, I began looking for jobs and landed one as a junior test analyst after two or three months. My tech journey began from there.

I’m still learning but technology changes and grows day by day so there is always something new happening to get involved with. When I started teaching myself, I watched YouTube videos and learnt from friends who were already in the industry. That’s how I prepared myself for the certification which gave me the confidence to continue my journey and look for a job in the tech industry.

what has been a highlight in your career so far?

I suppose a highlight is that I started this career quite late in life. I had family responsibilities and my kids were young, so when they had grown up, I decided to do something for myself. Even though I started late, I think I've done pretty well.

My story is different to most, as I had my children and raised them before doing something new. I suppose this could be inspiring to those wanting to start something completely new. I was so happy to be given the opportunity to do something for myself. Other women should realise that if you are seeking a career in the tech industry, it’s never too late and there are plenty of jobs around. You have to believe in yourself, learn about what you’re interested in doing and you’ll succeed.

why do you think tech has the reputation of being a male-dominated career path?

I personally think it all started with Silicon Valley which was heavily dominated by men so that became the stereotype that it was all driven by men. But nowadays, many companies have begun to promote women in tech. They are offering more technology jobs to women and hiring more women, so while the perception of the industry may not have changed just yet, things are happening on the inside.

I think the more women who engage with these roles will cause a domino effect where we inspire and give other women the confidence to apply and think “actually, I could do that as well”.

what advice would you give to women starting their career in tech?

My advice would be to simply go for it. There are plenty of opportunities and as I said, many companies are offering women jobs to take them forward. All you need to do is find out the relevant education, train yourself up and go for it. With how ingrained tech and digital is ingrained in our lives, learning about tech is never going to be a wasted skill. Even if you learnt it and then decided to go down a different career path, you’ll have lots of transferable skills to take with you.

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