by Fatema Mulla

Shopify Plus is quickly becoming the platform of choice for many enterprise brands. With its powerful features designed specifically to offer more flexibility and control for its users, the platform is designed to cater to the needs of fast growing, high growth eCommerce stores.

Shopify Plus is quickly becoming the platform of choice for many enterprise brands. With its powerful features designed specifically to offer more flexibility and control for its users, the platform is designed to cater to the needs of fast growing, high growth eCommerce stores.

eCommerce brands who have diverse product catalogues face some unique challenges around product management, and Shopify Plus may just be the right solution.

From powerful PIM integrations to creating multiple different product templates, here’s why Shopify Plus is perfect for brands with diverse product catalogues.

Apps and Integrations

Shopify Plus works alongside a large number of tech and integration partners who offer product management solutions, resources and apps. Furthermore, these partners will work with you to ensure any tools or apps you install are fully integrated with your store.

PIM tools and apps can be incredibly beneficial, giving you more flexibility and control over your product management processes.

Akeneo is a popular Shopify Plus PIM integration that provides users with some powerful product management capabilities, including classifying products based on attribute values, simplifying asset management and much more.

For brands with diverse product catalogues, having the ability to be able to choose the right product management tools can be of great benefit as it helps you to identify which apps are the right fit for both their product catalogue and also your brand.

Search & Filtering

Shopify Plus allows you to enable unique and powerful search experiences through layered on technology. With the integration of 3rd party apps and integrations such as Algolia, you can set up powerful search options.

This enables typo tolerance, filtering, autocomplete and much more so that customers are able to search through your diverse product catalogues to find exactly what they are looking for.

3rd party apps and integrations can also provide you with powerful filtering options so that users can filter through different product categories, collections and more.

This can help to improve customer experience, as users on site will be able to filter collection pages through a range of different options, enabling them to find products and proceed to checkout faster.


Shopify Scripts is an exclusive Shopify Plus feature that enables bundling of products to maximise order value. For brands who have more diverse product catalogues, bundling products can be an effective strategy to utilise.

Upselling and cross-selling is made easier with Scripts, allowing you to offer related and/or complementary products to your customers to encourage more sales.

Scripts effectively caters to the needs of brands with diverse product ranges, as it enables merchants to be able to offer multiple varied products to customers.

Multiple product templates

Shopify Plus allows users to have multiple product templates set up for all the different products they have to offer, allowing you to offer your diverse range of products to all customers.

This can be useful for clothing brands - amongst others too - who have multiple different items under one product listing. Having the ability to create multiple different product templates for all the variants of a particular product can be incredibly helpful for brands with diverse product catalogues.

Shopify Plus store Penguin Books takes advantage of this feature to offer their vastly different range of products to their customers, as shown below. They use different product templates for their physical items, and then a different template for their “workshops” which they offer places for on their site that users can purchase.

Design flexibility

Shopify Plus is highly customisable, meaning that merchants are able to adjust the design as much as they need. This includes being able to customise products, which can be of huge benefit for brands with diverse product collections.

Shopify Plus’ theme templates also have fully customisable frontends through Liquid, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. This enables your design team to customise their store and display your different products in more creative ways.

Metafields are also helpful in that they allow you to customise products beyond what is possible within default data fields. This level of customisation can be beneficial when needing to customise your diverse product range.

Custom reporting

Shopify Plus’ custom reporting allows merchants to select a basic report template which they can then edit and customise. You can create custom product reports which help to identify trends with products etc. This can be useful when you have a diverse product range, as it can help to pick up on key metrics that could then influence any sales campaigns etc.

Products reports can help you to analyse key metrics such as average order value, order quantity, return quantity and more according to certain dates and other variants etc.

Speed & efficiency

Regardless of how many different products there are on your site, you can be sure that Shopify Plus will be as speedy and efficient as ever. The enterprise platform is built to handle surges in traffic, large product volumes and more factors that could affect speed.

It is also incredibly efficient, and with tools such as Flow and Launchpad, merchants can ensure that they work as efficiently as ever. Both tools provide powerful automation, and can help to improve processes around product management.

Shopify Plus Inventory Management

Shopify Plus allows for more efficient inventory management, allowing you to stay more organised. The platforms inventory management system enables merchants to group products by category, type, season, sale and many more.

Shopify Flow’s automation features also apply to inventory and product management. For example, when new products are added to your store, Flow can automatically tag them according to the product title. This saves you spending time on having to manually update products, which can be a huge benefit if you have a large, diverse product range.


With Shopify Plus’ enterprise features and variety of tools and features, you can be sure that your diverse product catalogue is in good hands. From powerful search and filtering options to creating custom reports, the platform is designed to cater to the needs of brands with diverse collections.

If you want to find out more about how Shopify Plus can be the ideal eCommerce platform for your store, just get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.

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