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Shoppers who reach your checkout are likely to be highly qualified visitors, likely to be engaged with your brand and ready to purchase, so optimising this stage of the purchasing funnel with Shopify Plus’ advanced customisation features can have a huge impact on conversion rate

Shoppers who reach your checkout are likely to be highly qualified visitors, likely to be engaged with your brand and ready to purchase, so optimising this stage of the purchasing funnel with Shopify Plus’ advanced customisation features can have a huge impact on conversion rate.

From streamlining the delivery process to incentivising repeat purchasing and improving the overall on-site experience, Shopify Plus is packed full of powerful, potentially transformative checkout features that can help your eCommerce brand towards high-growth.

Whilst the core Shopify checkout design is optimised for conversions, we regularly hear from core Shopify users how they wish they could customise the checkout for their brand and their processes, which you can easily do with Shopify Plus. Here’s why Shopify Plus’ checkout customisation features can be powerful for your eCommerce brand...

1. A Truly Optimised Checkout

While core Shopify provides every store with a well optimised and efficient checkout, sometimes taking that optimisation a step further can make a real difference to the customer experience.

Shopify Plus offers enterprise stores the ability to totally customise the checkout, optimising the layout, branding and design to match your store’s specific needs.

MVMT Shopify Plus Checkout

For example, here Shopify Plus store MVMT Watches has customised the look and feel of their checkout to fully match their brand, as well as adding a custom progress bar at the top to help orientate visitors and boost purchase rate.

2. Offer Incentives for VIP Customers

As well as customising the look and feel of your store’s checkout, Shopify Plus allows for a whole lot more customisation through Shopify Plus Scripts.

Using Scripts, Shopify Plus merchants can implement custom discounts and incentives based on information about a customer. This means you can use Scripts to identify VIP or regular customers and assign custom discounts or messaging to them, right in the checkout.

Being able to build functionality like this right into your store means you can dynamically identify, reward and communicate with your best customers right on the checkout page, adding a personal touch to every customer interaction.

Whether you’re offering a bespoke incentive or just a simple greeting, taking a personal approach is sure to boost your repeat customer rate.

3. Click & Collect by Location

If your store also has multiple physical locations offering click and collect can be challenging, but using Shopify Plus Scripts you can dynamically change the click and collect location you offer, based on the customer’s location.

This means you can offer a seamless click and collect service for your chain of retail stores, integrating your online and offline channels and providing customers with greater choice.

Click and Collect remains a popular option, with 8% of online orders fulfilled via in-store pick up, so making this option as accessible as possible is sure to boost your conversion rate.

4. Flexible, Powerful Pricing

The possibilities that Shopify Plus Scripts offers for customising your checkout don’t stop at discounts and delivery, Scripts also enables you to implement flexible, powerful pricing rules to incentivise purchasing.

From bulk discounting to tiered pricing and free gifts, Scripts allows you to set custom pricing rules at the checkout that will automatically apply to eligible customers. All of this can be built right into your store without the need for apps.

Flexible pricing options like these give your store access to a wealth of new tools for incentivising higher order values and repeat purchasing, perfect for transforming your retention rate and customer lifetime value.

Lounge Shopify Plus Checkout

Shopify Plus merchant Lounge Underwear take advantage of Scripts for their mix and match bundle offers and whilst this comes into play right at the product page, this does enable their checkout to be as smooth as possible, with no barriers to purchase based on the bundling pricing.

5. Calculate International Taxes

There’s nothing worse for an international eCommerce customer than having your package arrived, accompanied by extortionate taxes and fees. Shopify Plus allows you to calculate and include these taxes at checkout, removing hidden fees that could deter repeat ordering.

Through Scripts, you can calculate local taxes based on the customer’s location. When accompanied by Shopify’s recently announced multi-currency features, you have a checkout process that’s fully optimised and scalable for internationalisation.

Your Next Steps...

Shopify Plus’ checkout customisation features not only allow you to fully customise the look and feel of your store’s checkout process, but also enrich the customer experience by offering everything from custom Click and Collect locations to last minute incentives.

Your next steps should be to;

  • Enable Shopify Scripts to reward your most loyal customers;
  • Optimise and update checkout pages regularly to ensure processes are as simple as possible at all times;
  • Consider other Shopify Plus options such as Launchpad or Flow to increase efficiency site wide.

If you want to know more about how Statement can help you customise your Shopify Plus store’s checkout process, just get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.

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