by Tom Shackleton

The relationship between you and your digital marketing agency doesn’t just have to stop at the campaigns they’re running. It can be an incredibly valuable and fruitful relationship for both businesses.

The relationship between you and your digital marketing agency doesn’t just have to stop at the campaigns they’re running. It can be an incredibly valuable and fruitful relationship for both businesses.

Following some simple steps can help create a relationship that will allow both you and your agency to grow, improve and access new opportunities.

The more your partnership is mutually beneficial, the more you will be able to help each other to explore new ideas and drive both businesses forward.

Here’s how to forge a client / digital agency relationship that will help you both grow together:

Communicate Well

Communicate well

Without good communication, your digital agency relationship has a much lower chance of being successful.

Communicating well at all stages of your project will ensure that you and your agency are always on the same page, working towards the same goals.

Having a good mix of face to face, email and other forms of communication will allow you to maintain regular contact. You should also have a structure in place for regular review or update meetings so that everyone is aware of progress.

Talking regularly with your agency, even on topics beyond their direct remit, may allow them to put forward solutions to other problems or assist you with advice in other areas.

Set Measurable Goals

Setting measurable goals for your agency is always important, but setting goals will also allow you and your agency to have a much more mutually beneficial relationship.

Both you and your agency will be aware of how projects and campaigns are progressing, and will be able to act in the most efficient way to progress with the project.

You’ll be aware of exactly what your agency is doing to help grow your business. After all, as your business grows and becomes more successful, so does your agency.

Ask about Other Opportunities

Ask about opportunities

Your digital agency will likely have plenty of connections in other service areas that can be incredibly valuable to your business.

They may be able to introduce you to other creatives or business contacts who can help your business to grow or reach more customers. Having access to this network is a fantastic benefit of having an agency relationship, and can give you a great set of potential partners for your business.

Conversely, you may have contacts that can benefit your agency, help them to grow and give you access to a wider range of services as a result.

Set Clear Responsibilities

You’ve already set out some clear goals for your agency relationship, and setting out responsibilities is just as important.

Outlining where the responsibilities of your business and your agency lie will ensure that you are both working as efficiently as possible towards your goals. You’ll be able to avoid any crossed wires or overlaps in activity, using both of your time effectively.

If both you and your agency understand where responsibilities lie, you’ll both be able to plan out the project effectively. You’ll be able to grow your business as efficiently as possible, and your agency will be able to plan out their time and grow with you.

Be an Advocate

Be an advocate

If you have a great relationship with a brilliant digital agency, it’s all the more easy to be an advocate for them.

Talking about your agency to other businesses in your vertical and building their profile among your network is a great way to build and maintain a strong relationship. You may be able to refer work to your agency that can help them grow. You’ll also be able to improve your agency’s reputation.

At the same time, a professional digital agency will always be a powerful advocate for your business. They’re representing your business in everything from conversations with influencers to meetings with creatives.

An agency that is a passionate advocate for your products and business will help you grow, and if you’re batting for your agency as well, you’ll grow together.

Be Open to Change

Even in the best of relationships, there will be differences of opinion. In the agency / client relationship, it’s important for both parties to be open to the other’s ideas and opinions.

You know your business better than anyone, and a good digital agency knows this. They should listen to your ideas and vision for your brand and be willing to adapt to changes in direction.

At the same time, an experienced agency will have insight into projects, and will be able to provide an outside perspective on ideas and plans.

Having this mix of perspectives can help both you and your agency to learn and grow as they benefit from each other’s ideas.

In Summary…

A strong client / agency relationship can be hugely beneficial for both parties.

With good communication, clear goals and passionate advocacy for each other, you and your agency can build a relationship that helps you both grow together.

You’ll benefit from having an agency that’s opening up new opportunities and building your reputation, while your agency will be able to attract new clients and expand their services.

The client / agency relationship can be worth more than the project alone, it can help you both grow together.

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