by Tom Shackleton

As Shopify experts based in Yorkshire, we continue to be amazed by the growth of beautiful, creative and exciting Shopify stores in the North of England.

As Shopify experts based in Yorkshire, we continue to be amazed by the growth of beautiful, creative and exciting Shopify stores in the North of England.

Last year, we hosted the North’s very first Shopify Meetup event in Leeds, and we loved meeting loads of fantastic entrepreneurs, designers and store owners who’ve been helping to build a strong Shopify community up here.

A true testament to the growth of the platform in the North is the wealth of great stores flourishing in the Shopify community. We’ve come across plenty last year, and these are our favourites:

1. Drop Dead Clothing - Sheffield

Sheffield-based clothing brand Drop Dead Clothing have a beautiful, image focused site that really fits their rebellious brand image. Drop Dead’s clothing is unique and creative, and so is their site. The products take centre stage, creating an interactive and engaging experience.

The site also uses Shopify apps well, adding personalisation with Nosto and back in stock email alerts. Their social accounts have huge, loyal followings that really show the benefits of building a community around your brand.

Dropdead Sheffield

2. Oi Polloi - Manchester

The Shopify site of Manchester-based clothing store Oi Polloi is bright, fun and packed with colour. The store design is brilliant, showing off Oi Polloi’s premium products in their full glory. On top of amazing visuals, the site is also quick and easy to navigate. Even their navigation bar is full of character.

Their social account focuses on amazing product imagery with a unique and engaging style that fits their brand perfectly.

Oi Polloi Manchester

3. Keelham Farm Shop - Bradford

The Shopify store for Keelham Farm Shop does a fantastic job of showing off their fresh produce, and the design really fits the rustic farm shop aesthetic. Theirs is a quirky and characterful site that’s a joy to use. Great to see a local business with such a brilliant store!

They’ve used Shopify’s product reviews app to great effect, and customers clearly love their products from the number of 5 star reviews.

Keelham Bradford

4. Steranko - Manchester

This Shopify store for Didsbury based fashion store Steranko is simple, easy to use and really well focused around their brand. They do a great job of integrating social media, especially their Instagram feed, which is filled with brilliant product and lifestyle photography.

The store’s simple look really does their high quality product range justice, with product pages focused around imagery.

Steranko Manchester

5. Nudey Tea - Leeds

Nudey Tea make fantastic use of user-generated content, as well as their own news section to provide great added value to their customers. Featuring customer Instagram posts helps to illustrate their unique brand in an interactive way.

Nudey Tea Leeds

6. Beaumont Organic - Manchester

Beaumont Organic’s Shopify store is the home of ethical fashion. They use luxury, ethically sourced fabrics, and that certainly shows through in the design of their store. Simple and stylish, plenty of white space lets the fashion shine through. An amazing brand, with an amazing store.

They also integrate Yotpo well for product reviews, and their social accounts include plenty of beautiful lifestyle imagery that does a great job of selling their values and branding.

Beaumont Manchester

7. Millymog - Manchester

Millmog’s Shopify store is visual, engaging and does a fantastic job of getting across their premium childrenswear brand to visitors. Their product imagery is fantastic, and they do a great job of allowing it to take centre stage.

The store is easy to navigate and packed with charm, which makes for a great user experience. They also use social media to great effect, with strong followings and regular activity across multiple networks.

Millymog Manchester

8. & She Knows - Bawtry

Independent lingerie boutique & She Knows offers some excellent guides and advice for their shoppers, as well as taking advantage of high quality product and lifestyle imagery. They do a brilliant job of helping customers understand their products and make the best choice for them.

and she knows bawtry

9. Finest Imaginary - Huddersfield

This site from Huddersfield based Finest Imaginary pops with vivid colour and beautifully shot product imagery. There’s also fantastic use of video for added interactivity and everything combines to make a site that’s a joy to browse.

They really tell the story about the detail and skill that goes into making their jewellery and accessories.

Finest Imaginary Huddersfield

10. Dapper Dan - Sheffield

The website for Sheffield-based men’s styling brand Dapper Dan serves as a great advert for their unique brand. There’s great use of video too, with a quirky and creative brand advert which does an excellent job of getting their brand across.

Dapper Dan Sheffield

There are so many fantastic Shopify stores in The North of England, that there’s no way we could feature them all in detail here. Take a look at the rest of our top 50 Shopify stores up North:

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What’s Next for Shopify in the North?

Looking at all of these fantastic Shopify stores, it’s clear to see that there’s a strong community growing in the North of England. We can’t wait to work with more brilliant brands and continue to help develop Shopify businesses up here.

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