by Fatema Mulla

Shopify Plus’ Flow is a fantastic tool that allows brands to automate tasks to free up time and allow for more efficiency within your business, through triggered workflows and automations using the power of Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus’ Flow is a fantastic tool that allows brands to automate tasks to free up time and allow for more efficiency within your business, through triggered workflows and automations using the power of Shopify Plus.

For food and drink brands who need to process orders as efficiently as possible, with varying needs and considerations (from perishability, to seasonality of products), Shopify Flow is the ideal tool to help free up time so that you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.

From automatically updating new products to tracking conversions on campaigns, Shopify Flow is extremely useful and effective in helping to increase your food and drink brands productivity and efficiency.

1. Automate Reordering

Quick restocking is essential for food and drink brands, as products are perishable and need to be updated regularly. Stock has to be moved quickly and kept in circulation.

Shopify Flow also gives food and drink brands the ability to send a notification to a team member whenever stock is low, using Flow’s features to automatically notify the team when reorder threshold has been reached.

This will allow food and drink brands to keep their products and inventory both fresh and in order at all times with Flow - whether notification is a prompt to update the site, to update social advertising, update Google Ads or even affiliates.

2. Hide Out of Stock Products

Flow allows you to also automatically hide any of your products that are out of stock, which is especially handy for food and drink brands where products are produced in limited quantity due to perishability.

Being able to automatically hide the products you no longer have in stock will improve customer experience, as customers won’t be ordering a product they are unable to have, limiting frustrations and avoiding risk of lost customers.

3. Prioritise Shipping Orders

As food products can be perishable and any orders that are placed must be moved immediately, delivery options should be as streamlined and optimised as possible so that customers are able to complete this process as quickly as possible and receive their food in a short amount of time to ensure it is still in good condition when they receive it.

You can use Flow to prioritise shipping orders where a products risk of perishability or use-by date is coming soon. By setting up complex workflows and automations to do so, this minimises the risk of customers feeling disappointed if their order is out of date or has gone bad in transit - a recipe for a low customer retention rate.

4. Identify Repeat Customers

Flow can also allow brands to identify and track repeat customers, providing them with the opportunity to reward both repeat and loyal customers with free samples, personalised discounts and offers and more.

Flow allows brands to tag special customers which can then act as a trigger for email marketing, Facebook custom audiences or even as a prompt for a team member to send a personal email with a free gift. This allows you to improve your customer retention rate, tailoring the rewards or method of loyalty to your brand.

5. Track Customers From Your Marketing Campaigns

With Shopify Plus’ Flow, you’ll easily be able to tag and track customers that come from specific marketing campaigns, enabling you to better understand which aspects of your campaigns attract more customers.

This in turn will help you to develop strategies for maintaining relationships with them, possibly converting them into repeat or loyal customers depending on their acquisition traffic.


Shopify Plus’ Flow is an incredibly effective tool that will allow food and drink brands to work more efficiently and increase productivity.

By setting up workflows and automating mundane tasks, Shopify Flow helps brands to spend less time on menial activities, allowing them to instead invest more time in developing products, retaining and nurturing customers and growing your brand.

If you want to find out more about Shopify Plus’s tools and features and how they can benefit your store, just get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.

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