by Fatema Mulla

Fashion is an incredibly challenging market, and in order to thrive, fashion retailers always need to embrace new technologies and platforms to make their customer experiences spot on.

Fashion is an incredibly challenging market, and in order to thrive, fashion retailers always need to embrace new technologies and platforms to make their customer experiences spot on.

But even with the incredible success of some of the likes of Boohoo, Missguided and Kendall & Kylie, managing a high-growth online fashion store can be challenging.

Luckily, Shopify Plus has a simple-to-use automation platform that will allow you to stay organised and efficient by decreasing your workload and increasing your productivity - something the team here at Statement has found to be a great solution to many problems that high-growth fashion retailers face.

In a nutshell, eCommerce automation allows you to easily automate tasks that are time consuming and repetitive through the use of automations and simple workflows.

You’ll no longer have to spend ridiculous amounts of time manually searching through orders or worry about disappointing your customers when products are out of stock - with automation, you can send notifications, alerts, emails or even action key tasks when certain criteria is met on orders and customers - so your store will be well on its way to becoming a highly efficient and successful powerhouse.

With it’s time-saving automations and seamless integration with external tools, Shopify Flow is the perfect addition to your fashion store - and here’s why…

What Is Shopify Plus Flow?

In essence, Shopify Flow is a system that allows you to set up automated tasks right inside your Shopify admin. It’s easy to use and lets you create unique workflows that provide you with the tools you need in order to eliminate time consuming tasks and increase productivity, and frees up time to allow your team to focus on what they do best.

Shopify Flow allows you to create unique workflows by breaking down tasks and processes into three easy steps: Trigger, Condition and Action.

Available only to Shopify Plus users, it can also be integrated with two other automation tools - Launchpad for scheduling, preloading and monitoring ongoing sales campaigns etc; and Shopify Scripts to add automatic discount options, relevant payment options, and specialised shipping options.

Orders, Products & Stock Levels

Shopify Flow allows you to manage your products and stock easily - you’ll no longer have to stress over running out of items, or forgetting to pause ad campaigns - Flow will take care of all of this for you. Here’s how Flow can help you manage your inventory:

Automatically add tags to your product when uploaded, based on the product name or title. For example, you could tag new season clothing with a specific tag.

Notify your marketing team to pause active ad campaigns when inventory is low - stopping items with low stock in popular sizes from being used in campaigns.

Automatically hide products from your store when inventory is low, so visitors won’t see items when their size is out of stock.

Allow Flow to automatically email suppliers when inventory falls below a certain number, so customers are never disappointed when that must have piece is running low.

Preload new products to your store and publish them on your site and social media accounts all at once, helping you get the word out about the latest lines.

This saves you and your team from having to spend ridiculous amounts of time uploading products and adding tags manually, or having ads running when promoted products are out of stock.

With Shopify Flow, your fashion brand will never be out of popular items - so your customers will never be disappointed.

Fulfil Orders Easily

Get back to the joy of seeing orders come in with Shopify Flow and easily assess any orders that come through before capturing payment.

You can set up workflows to enable notifications when high risk orders are placed so they may be reviewed internally.

Set up workflows to automatically cancel high risk orders. You won’t be sending out high value pieces only to have payment rejected.

Set up workflows to automatically notify your team when a new wholesale customer is added to help encourage and grow business relationships, prompting you to get in touch with your sales representative and make a great first impression.

These features allow teams to easily review and (if necessary) cancel orders that are deemed to be high risk, and follow up with an email to customers explaining why said actions have taken place. It also encourages communication within your team, allowing you to develop better relationships with your coworkers.

Track & Reward Your Customers

Shopify Flow has a number of different tools that effectively allow you to track and reward your customers, and also allows you to easily implement loyalty and retention initiatives.

You can set up a workflow that will automatically tag and segment customers when they spend more than a certain amount, allowing you to reward your most fashion conscious customers.

Set up workflows to automatically notify your customer service team to prompt them to send thank you gifts when large orders are placed, offering personal styling advice, for example.

Adding customer tags is a highly effective way of tracking customers and allows you to easily segment them, making targeted marketing much more easier for your team.

Ensuring customers have a good experience with your brand is a highly important factor that massively contributes to the success of your store - and installing Shopify Flow is a great way to improve your relationships with customers.

In Summary...

eCommerce automation is the key to growing your fashion brand, and Shopify Flow will help to transform your store into a highly efficient powerhouse by saving time, energy and money.

As Shopify Plus experts, we’re committed to helping businesses grow and achieve their goals through the Shopify platform. If you’re still wondering whether Shopify Flow will be helpful for your fashion brand, just get in touch with us and we’ll gladly help you out.

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