by Fatema Mulla

Shopify merchants once again broke records during the much anticipated Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend. This year’s event differed from previous ones; now seemingly extended to a full week, shoppers have come to expect more from the brands they follow.

eCommerce merchants must go above and beyond to keep their customers satisfied - retailers can no longer get away with the “bare minimum”.

Over the course of the weekend, Shopify merchants across 175 countries sold $2.9+ billion - up from $1.8 billion last year. Clearly, independent businesses and D2C retailers are leading the way for retailers - no doubt to the power of borderless commerce and constant innovation adopted by many eCommerce merchants.

Statement clients performed exceptionally well during what is one of the busiest sales periods of the year. Our highest conversion rate amongst our clients was an impressive 18.31% - up from 14.92% last year for the same client!

We followed the trends as they unfolded, and we’ve compiled some of the key, interesting points and stats below for you:

As the infographic above shows, the shift to mobile is ever growing. With 69% of all sales coming from a mobile device, it left only 31% coming from desktop, showing the increasing importance of ensuring websites and all sales campaigns are mobile friendly and responsive.

Apparel and Accessories were the leading verticals which saw the most orders, closely followed by Mobile Phone Accessories.

A key takeaway from this years BFCM period is that those merchants who maintained peak sales throughout the week with the implementation of fresh promotions and discounts, were those that saw the highest successes.

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