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From totally changing how you engage with customers, to boosting sales and freeing up resources in your marketing team, email automations are a must for any eCommerce store.

From totally changing how you engage with customers, to boosting sales and freeing up resources in your marketing team, email automations are a must for any eCommerce store.

Automations a great way to encourage sales, but they also help you to develop and nurture relationships with your customers and ensure they have the best possible experience with your store, using everything from welcome emails for new customers to product reminders and more...

Luckily for Shopify store owners, there are a number of apps that will help you easily automate your email campaigns and drive further sales and growth.

Many of these apps provide you with a free trial, so it’s worth using a trial first so you can better understand the benefits and limitations of each app and work out which one is the best fit for your store.

Here are 8 great email automation apps for Shopify merchants:

Mailbot email marketing by Beekeeting

Mailbot is an email automation app developed by Beekeeting, with built in campaigns and customer segments, plus drafted and scheduled weekly newsletters customised for your business.

The app allows you to send out a variety of personalised follow up emails, whether that’s to send a welcoming email to new customers, or gentle reminders to those who have abandoned their carts without making a purchase.

It also has over 20 predefined eCommerce customer segments ready for you to use - so all you have to do is paste in your email copy and they’ll be ready to go.

However if those segments don’t work for you, you can create your own to target specific customers e.g; cart abandoning customers, loyal customers, regular visitors who have not yet purchased a product and more.

Mailbot also goes the extra mile by generating email newsletters with carefully written content personalised for your customers, helping you to develop more meaningful relationships with your customers and provide more personal experiences for them.

What sets it apart from the rest:

Generates email newsletters with carefully curated and personalised content ready for you to schedule.

Free trial: 15 days

Price: $29.00 per month

SmartrMail - personalised, automated emails

SmartrMail is an app that will take your personalised email marketing campaigns to the next level.

This app allows you to send personalised email automations that will help to boost your sales by encouraging your customers to purchase more products.

SmartrMail uses historical data and browsing behaviour to carefully select the best products for your customers, identifying which products they have looked at previously, products they’ve added to cart etc. to increase the chances of customers completing purchases.

It also reports real time sales data, so you can easily monitor the success and effects of your email marketing strategy, helping you to better understand your customers and identify any changes you may need to make to improve your email campaigns to further boost sales.

What sets it apart from the rest:

Reports real time sales and email data so you can monitor the success and effects of your email marketing campaigns.

Free trial: 15 days

Price: $29.00 per month


Conversio is a marketing dashboard with an email automation app that has supercharged, intelligent email options that allow you to send a variety of different email automations to your customers.

The app - which is available exclusively to Conversio users - also allows you to upsell products using a variety of different tools, and even helps you customise and send newsletter emails - which are said to be 40x more successful at acquiring new talents than social!

The app can be easily integrated with Shopify to instantly get your data working towards your goals - and can also be integrated with other email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Privy etc.

Conversio's premium pricing method depends on the success of your store - as opposed to the size of your list.

What sets it apart from the rest:

Integrates with multiple email marketing tools to make the entire process much easier for you.

Conversio pricing: $19 per month + $9 for email automation app

Free trial: 30 days

Price: Based on success of individual stores

Beautiful abandoned cart emails

Developed by Shopify partner Collect, Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails is an app that sends email reminders whenever a customer abandons their cart.

Products that the customer was aiming to buy are all automatically pulled in - and you can also add an effective call-to-action button so your customers can easily complete their order.

All you need to do is install the app, enable reminders, sit back and watch the sales roll in.

The emails are also fully customisable, so you can add branding, logos and even change the copy to fit your brands tone of voice.

What sets it apart from the rest:

Automatically pulls in all the data you could possibly need - all you need to do is choose when to send reminders.

Free trial: 14 days

Price: $9.00 per month

Smart email marketing by Rare Logic

Smart email marketing is an app created and developed by Rare Logic that helps to increase your email conversion rates with intelligent email automation options.

The app unlocks valuable customer data and analyses and utilises it effectively to help you sell more.

The app also has a smart, data-driven prediction engine that determines customer behaviour patterns and identifies your most valuable customers, allowing you to send personalised emails to your customers, and also helps you to work on loyalty schemes for loyal customers.

You can use and customise an email template from the collection they provide - or if you have your own pre designed template, you can easily import this to the app for ease of use.

What sets it apart from the rest:

Uses data predictions to take care of the personalisation of your emails.

Free trial: 14 days

Price: Based on your contact list

Email notifications for upselling

Sending customers email notifications for upselling is a great way to increase the amount of sales you receive, and this app from SpurIT does just that for you.

Upsell by email helps you to increase profit made from sales, easily stay in touch with your customers and gives you the additional ability to further promote and upsell your products and/or services by email.

It’s fully flexible, so you can send the emails at any time you feel is right, select which products you’d like to promote, and also fully adjust any element of the email as you see fit in order to maximise the effects of your campaign and ensure an increase in sales.

What sets it apart from the rest:

Helps to increase profit made from single sales by further promoting and upselling additional products.

Price: Free


Designed and developed by Combidesk, this email automation app integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store and works alongside your VerticalResponse account.

The app relies on customer data and regularly synchronises this to keep your newsletter subscriber list up to date, making it easier for you to keep in touch with your subscribers, identify their behaviour and activity and then use this data to send them relevant emails you know they’ll love.

Using data to personalise your emails will help you engage more effectively with your customers and further increase your sales.

What sets it apart from the rest:

Regularly synchronises customer data and carefully analyses behaviour and activity for hyper personalised emails.

Free trial: 30 days

Price: $5.00 per month


MailerLite is a free app that easily integrates with your Shopify account in just a few minutes. It automatically syncs all your Shopify customers and subscribers to your MailerLite account and also stores all your important customer data from Shopify for ease of use.

MailerLite uses your customer data to create segments so you can easily focus your email content on targeted groups of subscribers.

You’ll also have the option to enable popup subscribe forms for your Shopify store based on individual settings, for example popups for new visitors, or for when a visitor tries to exit your store. This is a great way to give customers more incentives to stay on your site and make purchases etc.

What sets it apart from the rest:

Enables customisable, personalised popup subscribe forms for your Shopify store.

Free trial: 15 days

Price: Free

In Summary

Shopify has a great variety of email automation apps that can be easily and quickly integrated with your store. Email automations are a great way to increase the efficiency of your store, and finding the right email automation app that works for your store is a highly effective way to further improve your store’s productivity.

Each of them will have their advantages and disadvantages, and if you’re unsure which app to use, get in touch with a Shopify Expert to help you find the app best suited to your needs.

If you want to know more about how Shopify can help improve your email marketing campaigns, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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