by Andy Green

Christmas is a high pressure time of year for an eCommerce store. Whether you’re a growing merchant, or a high volume enterprise powerhouse, you need all of the help you can get to make this year your best Christmas yet.

Christmas is a high pressure time of year for an eCommerce store. Whether you’re a growing merchant, or a high volume enterprise powerhouse, you need all of the help you can get to make this year your best Christmas yet.

Thankfully, for Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants there are plenty of fantastic apps that can give you a helping hand.

From apps to maximise the impact of your marketing activity, to increasing your average cart size and making the most of each and every customer, here are six Shopify apps that will save your life this Christmas…


A big part of any Christmas marketing campaign should be your email activity, and maximising the size of your email list before Christmas means you’ll have a wider list of customers to market to once you start your holiday campaign.

Privy Logo

A fantastic app for doing just this is Privy. Privy provides your store with a targeted, customised email signup popup. While you may be reluctant to add popups to your store, when done well and targeted at the right customers, an email registration popup like this can perform well.

Privy allows you to trigger popups based on certain user actions, offer discount codes and even target only certain visitors.

Use Privy in the run-up to Christmas to build your email list and get ready for your best ever Christmas email campaign.

Bold Product Upsell

Each of your Christmas visitors will have a list of friends and family to buy for, with only a limited amount of time to order everything they need.

Bold Apps Logo

Using Product Upsell from Bold allows you to help your customers out by showing them complementary products, and helping them tick off their shopping list more quickly.

You don’t want customers to have to come back to your store again and again to buy everything they need, as with each visit there’s a risk of them abandoning cart or simply not coming back at all.

Use Bold’s Product Upsell to increase your average order value and make Christmas shopping simpler for your visitors… something they’ll definitely thank you for!


We’ve already mentioned how eager shoppers are to find what they want as quickly as possible at Christmas, and there’s no better way of helping this along than personalisation.

Nosto Logo

Nosto is one of the most well established and feature packed personalisation apps available, and allows you to customise every aspect of your customer experience.

Everything from targeted social ads to on-site personalisation and personalised popups will help to lead every visitor to exactly what they’re looking for.

Nosto builds data over time and learns customer behaviours, so be sure to install the app now to feel the full benefit over the Christmas season.


The last thing anyone wants is to buy what looks like an incredible present, only for it to turn up and not meet your expectations.

Yotpo Logo

Using an app like Yotpo allows you to build reviews on your site in the run up to Christmas, giving customers confidence that your products will be well received on Christmas morning.

But Yotpo isn’t just about reviews. It’s a fully user generated content package that allows you to collect and display everything from Instagram photos to Pinterest pins and everything in between.

Install Yotpo on your Shopify store and make every buying decision a little easier for your Christmas customers.

Christmas is the ideal time to reward your existing customers, as well as acquire and retain new ones.

Smile Loyalty

With that in mind, install a loyalty app like to spread a little Christmas cheer to your customers. is a flexible and comprehensive loyalty app that allows you to construct your own scheme based on a number of different reward options including everything from social sharing to birthday rewards.

Using will help you to reward existing customers, bringing them back for some Christmas shopping. It will also encourage your new Christmas visitors to stick around and keep shopping with you once the holiday season is over.


Finally, for high growth stores Christmas can be especially complex. In fact, we’ve put together an eCommerce Manager’s Guide to a Stress Free Christmas for just that reason.

One app that will certainly benefit every Shopify Plus user this year is Shopify Flow.

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Shopify Flow allows you to set up automations for repetitive tasks in your store’s processes.

Simple tasks like reordering products can be automated to take the strain away from your team, and keep your business running smoothly.

Shopify Flow can help to improve your efficiency in handling everything from marketing to customer support, especially handy when things are very busy.

Your Next Steps…

Christmas can be stressful and difficult to manage, but just a few great Shopify apps can make things a whole lot easier.

When you’re pushed for time, and fighting to keep up at Christmas, these Shopify apps can be life-savers. Making you more efficient, bringing in customers and making your store experience as good as it can possibly be.

To make sure you’re ready for Christmas, be sure to install:

Your next steps should be to scope out the apps above, and any others that could make a real difference to your store. You’ll be surprised at how much difference just a single app can make.

If you’d like to find out more about how Statement can help you get your Shopify store ready for Christmas, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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