by Fatema Mulla

Managing a high growth fashion store in a competitive market can be challenging, especially if you feel limited by your platform - but luckily with Shopify Plus’ Scripts feature, you can work towards increasing your sales with powerful discounting functionality.

Managing a high growth fashion store in a competitive market can be challenging, especially if you feel limited by your platform - but luckily with Shopify Plus’ Scripts feature, you can work towards increasing your sales with powerful discounting functionality.

Through Shopify Scripts, Shopify Plus users have a powerful and efficient tool to enable custom pricing, discounts and offers, allowing for both increased merchandising ability and improved user experiences for customers.

Shopify Scripts is the ideal addition for any high growth fashion store looking to provide better experience for their customers whilst maximising their sales - and here’s why:

What is Shopify Scripts?

In essence, Shopify Scripts empowers you with unlimited pricing and promotion options for your products, allowing you to customise your cart, checkout and product pages of your Shopify Plus store with complex pricing mechanics.

You can create tiered discounts, precalculated shipping costs, default payment methods and more. Not only does this help to maximise your fashion stores sales through launching promotions, but it also creates an enhanced and more enjoyable experience for your customers.

1 - Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing is a pricing model where the cost per unit goes down as the volume of a product increases - something that can be easily managed with Shopify Scripts tiered pricing features.

For example, you can offer incentives to customers and encourage them to buy products in bulk to reduce the overall cost of the purchase, or encourage them to buy a particular amount of items to unlock an exclusive discount. Decreasing prices for higher volume orders pushes customers to add more items to cart, increasing your store’s sales.

Enabling tiered pricing means you can help to maximise sales and conversions by allowing customers to purchase multiple items together in an effort to save money.

This example from Greats shows how adding more products to cart increases the order value.

2 - Executing Quick Sales

Launchpad is another powerful Shopify Plus tool that allows you to pre schedule flash sales - which you can use alongside Scripts to facilitate scheduled promotions.

Integrating the two tools will give you the ability to easily launch sales as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Shopify Scripts also allows you to quickly reduce prices of items that fall under the same category, or all have a particular tag in common. This helps you to launch sales for your fashion store as quickly and easily as possible.

This example from Puravida Bracelets shows a flash sale giving 50% off sitewide.

3 - Attracting New Customers

You can set discounts for new customers to give them a certain percentage off their first purchase, or get a second item at a reduced price - only after they purchase a product for the first time.

With Shopify Scripts, you can set up processes to attract new customers with offers and discounts, ensuring new visitors have the best possible experience.

This example from Evy’s Tree shows 20% discount off a customers first purchase.

4 - Targeting VIP Customers

Draw your loyal customers and big spenders to spend more by offering exclusive offers and discounts. Target VIP customers with exclusive discounts and encourage them to purchase more items. This allows you to boost sales and maximise orders whilst also rewarding your most loyal customers!

This example from Emazing Lights shows a free gift with purchase for VIP customers.

You may also want to offer free gifts with particular purchases for your VIP customers, and Shopify Scripts allows you to customise your checkouts to make this possible for your top customers.

5 - Bundling Items

Like offering tiered pricing for bulk purchases, bundling items is another highly effective way to influence customers to purchase more items.

Offering related products to customers will help to increase your sales, and providing them with a discount on a related product will improve the chance of them purchasing again.

With fashion store products, related pieces of clothing can be bundled together to encourage customers to buy more. For example, full outfits can be bundled together with accessories, or you can encourage customers to buy complementary pieces of clothing together as part of a set.

This example from our client Lounge Underwear shows a mix & match bundle offer.

6 - Minimum Threshold Discounts

Having a minimum threshold discount in place can encourage users to spend more per order, incentivising them with anything from a free gift to free delivery.

Minimum threshold discounts allow you to present more interesting offers to customers once they purchase enough to unlock a certain threshold, enabling you to reward them for spending what they have.

With a minimum threshold in place, you can increase the number of items per order, helping to increase orders significantly.

This example from Kylie Cosmetics shows free shipping for customers when they spend more than $40.

In Summary...

Shopify Scripts is a highly effective and powerful tool that comes with many different benefits and advantages for fashion brands, most effective of all is its ability to help you maximise conversions and boost sales with complex pricing mechanics.

The feature is great for discounts, promotions and, by taking advantage of Shopify Plus’ Launchpad tool to execute your flash sales, you can really improve your merchandising and user experience.

If you want to know more about Shopify Plus’ tools and features and how they can be beneficial for your fashion brand, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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