by Fatema Mulla

FAQ pages can be a useful addition for your eCommerce store, and when used correctly it can be a great way to increase your conversion rate.

FAQ pages can be a useful addition for your eCommerce store, and when used correctly it can be a great way to increase your conversion rate.

FAQ pages don’t necessarily have to be boring - there are many ways you can create fun, inventive pages that will not only help your customers but also encourage them to make a purchase. If you use it as a way to answer any possible objections and be as helpful as possible, it can be the key to converting customers.

There are many different advantages to having an FAQ page: it helps to increase customer trust, eases customer concerns and pushes sceptical customers towards completing their purchase.

Here are five ways you can improve your FAQ page to increase conversion rate.

1 - Make All Information Clear and Easy to Find

First things first - don’t use too much industry jargon.

Customers won’t always understand the technical jargon you use, and this will just confuse them more rather than help them to understand the information that they originally came for.

Use clear, bold headings and simple yet informative wording to accurately answer all questions and objections on your FAQ page. Ensure that readers and customers will be able to go away with the answers they were looking for, not more questions.

2 - Add Ethical and Legal Information

Ethical and legal information can be essential depending on your industry - these should always be included on your FAQ page where appropriate.

But even if you don’t sell products with important legal information, other policies such as a privacy policy, terms of service and terms and conditions should be easily accessible for customers. This will reassure them that their information is kept secure, and also gives them additional information if they need it - for example, how to contact you if they need further assistance..

If this information is easily available and effectively communicated across on your FAQ page, it can help to ease customers’ concerns.

This, in turn, can lead to more conversions as customers will be reassured that all their information is kept safe, and that they have the option of contacting you further if needs be.

3 - Always Add Relevant Links & CTA’s

Whenever you answer a certain question, always make sure to add hyperlinks and call-to-actions where relevant - whether that’s a link to a product or an additional page of information.

This will help you give customers all the information they need whilst also giving them the opportunity to complete a purchase.

Make sure links and CTA’s are easy to spot to ensure customers and readers don’t easily miss it. Call-to-Action buttons are a must - customers want to be able to find answers to any issues they may have but then get back to their purchase as soon as possible.

Adding these buttons on your FAQ page is a great way to increase your conversions - it will help to optimise user journey by making it a simpler process for customers to return to complete their purchase without having to go back and restart the entire process.

4 - Don’t Overcrowd Your FAQ Page

Readers don’t want to come to your FAQ page for help only to find a huge wall of text - it takes a lot of energy to read. Too much content on one page can put customers off and make it harder for them to convert.

Keep your information simple and concise, and be sure to add white space on the page to make it look more clean and easier to read. You could even group answers in categories so customers can easily find what they’re looking for.

Don’t overdo it when it comes to the design either - too many different fonts, colours or sizes used can be overwhelming and draw the reader's attention away from what they were originally looking for.

Ensuring your FAQ page is as simple and informative as possible will make it quicker and easier for customers to locate the answers they need - allowing them to go back to their purchases with peace of mind.

If your FAQ page is hard to read and customers struggle to find answers they require, it may lead to a drop in conversions as they will be unable to complete their purchase.

5 - Update Your FAQ Page Regularly

Its highly important to ensure your FAQ page is always up to date. If something changes with your returns policy, or you add new products but forget to update information on your FAQ page, it can cause further issues with your customers.

Keep information on your FAQ page up to date and relevant - maybe keep a list of questions you and your employees are frequently asked by customers and be sure to cover them on your FAQ page and add and update them as things change.

Regular updates can help to improve your conversions - customers won’t have to wait for updated information concerning any new products, as it will be readily available for them. This in turn will also increase your customers trust if they can always receive answers to any concerns they have, regardless of timing.

In Summary

If you follow these 5 steps and optimise your FAQ page accordingly, you’ll likely see an increase in conversion for your store.

If you want to know what else you can do to improve your FAQ page or increase your conversion rate, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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