by Fatema Mulla

It’s no surprise that most customers prefer online shopping experiences that are personal to them. They are more likely to complete a purchase or a desired action on your site if content is tailored to their needs.

It’s no surprise that most customers prefer online shopping experiences that are personal to them. They are more likely to complete a purchase or a desired action on your site if content is tailored to their needs.

On site personalisation is an incredibly effective technique that can help to dramatically increase conversions on your site

Here are five effective tips that you can use to personalise your site to improve your conversion rate.

1 - Personalised Landing Page Elements

Using a customer’s previous shopping behaviour, product preferences and other information can help you to tailor landing pages according to each individual visitor and customer who lands on your site.

All headings, popups, sidebar, navigation bar, and other landing page elements etc., can all be personalised for each customer and visitor who lands on those pages and is an easy first start to any personalisation project.

Headings can mention specific product types, navigation can be customised based on what you know they purchase, and sidebars can include previously bought products.

A customer’s journey can then personalised from the minute they land on your site, and so increasing the chance of visitors converting.

2 - Personalised Upsell Offers

Whenever a customer successfully completes a purchase, make it a priority to upsell to them by analysing and understanding their purchasing history / what they may already have placed in their cart.

This example from our client Goodwin Smith shows popup upsell offers when you add a pair of shoes to your cart. The customer is offered products that will help to keep their new shoes clean and in good condition!

Personalised upsell offers can come in a number of different forms:

  • Cart upsells
  • Pop-up upsells
  • Product page upsells
  • Homepage upsells

3 - Personalised Product Page Recommendations

Personalised product page recommendations are a great way to tailor a customer’s experience when they are browsing products.

Product page recommendations can include:

  • Recently viewed products
  • Products similar to previous purchases
  • Popular products from previously viewed categories
  • Recent purchases and cross sells
  • Targeted discounts on popular and similar products

You can use product pages to recommend both alternative and complementary items with products a customer is looking to purchase. This increases the amount of products a customer chooses to purchase, whilst also driving both conversions and sales.

4 - Triggered, Personalised Popups

Landing page pop ups can be perfectly timed and personalised to each individual user’s preferences and previous actions.

Time your popups so they only appear after a particular action is taken. Triggers such as completing a purchase or abandoning a cart can be used to personalise popups, but they can also be triggered to show based on specific timings.

If your popups are designed to appear when a customer is about to leave your site, it can increase the chances of them staying on-site and browsing your products - perfect for catching the ‘almost’ purchases!

This is a triggered, timed popup that appears a couple of seconds after a new visitor lands on the site of our client Dexters Workwear.

5 - Varied CTA Copy

Personalising your CTAs are a great way to improve both user experience and your conversion rate.

You don’t have to show the same CTA to all visitors and customers - personalise your call-to-action buttons for individual users and for different audiences.

Use a smart list to segment customers and visitors into specific categories, and create relevant CTAs for each different category and audience. These can include:

  • New visitors
  • Returning visitors
  • Recurring visitors who have never completed a purchase
  • Customers who have made previous purchases
  • Email subscribers etc

Personalising your call-to-action for these varying segments can ensure that their experience is as tailored and as unique to them as possible.

Your Next Steps...

Using personalisation to improve conversion rate is more than using a customer’s name and location - it’s creating a custom shopping experience that is tailored to the customers needs and wants. Research a number of personalisation tools depending on your site’s traffic volume and product catalogue - but we recommend reviewing our partners over at Nosto and Bunting as a starting point!

If you want to discuss personalising your eCommerce site and improving conversion rate, just get in touch with us!

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