by Fatema Mulla

While Shopify Plus may be an increasingly popular eCommerce platform choice, many retailers and merchants still have a fair number of misconceptions.

While Shopify Plus may be an increasingly popular eCommerce platform choice, many retailers and merchants still have a fair number of misconceptions.

Be it concerns over pricing and investment, or doubts about its capabilities for particularly complex stores, many merchants are still wary about the enterprise level platform.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about Shopify Plus, and why they aren’t entirely true.

1 - it’s too expensive - extra features, resource etc

A good deal of core Shopify merchants are reluctant to switch to Plus as they feel it is too costly for them.

However, in the long run Shopify Plus could work out cheaper for enterprise brands, as they will have everything they need on the platform and predictable ongoing costs.

Whilst the initial pricing of the platform may seem expensive, the benefits that it brings can easily justify the cost as it can be highly advantageous for brands. For example, using Shopify Flow can help to save massive amounts of time and increase your overall operational efficiency.

2 - it’s not ideal for high growth brands

While Shopify Plus has been designed specifically for high growth brands, many are still unsure of the platforms capabilities and functionalities for their store.

Shopify Plus has exclusive enterprise features that are created specifically for high growth brands, keeping in mind challenges that are unique to them. This makes it the ideal platform for enterprise brands, as well as those that are looking to scale up.

For example, features such as Launchpad and Flow have been created specifically to help out high growth brands, providing them with powerful tools and resources to simplify work processes and offload time consuming tasks. Both features allow for increased efficiency and more productivity, allowing high growth brands to free up their time and focus on further growth.

3 - it’s not very customisable

Shopify Plus is sometimes seen as limited when it comes to customisation. Many retailers are doubtful about how flexible and capable it can be for their unique needs.

The platform is actually a lot more customisable than believed. For example, Shopify Scripts (a Plus exclusive feature) allows merchants to be able to fully customise checkout experiences for their customers. Additionally, with full JavaScript and CSS control, merchants can fully adapt the platform to suit their needs and preferences.

4 - not good for b2b/wholesale - wholesale channel is limited

Many retailers are of the belief that Shopify Plus is not ideal for B2B brands. The Plus wholesale channel is seen as “limited”, and merchants are sometimes under the impression that it does not deliver what they need.

However, Shopify Plus caters for wholesale and B2B brands with their wholesale channel, providing functionalities to enable both direct to consumer and B2B eCommerce transactions. The channel is gated and provides flexible payment options, allowing brands to offer their B2B eCommerce customers a unique, self service experience.

Furthermore, B2B tools and apps such as B2B Handsfree etc. give merchants more flexibility, allowing them to fully utilise any and all opportunities to make the most of the wholesale channel and features on Shopify Plus.

5 - not suitable for large inventories

Another common misconception merchants tend to have about Shopify Plus is regarding its inventory capabilities - particularly for stores who tend to have much larger inventories.

However, Shopify Plus has a large number of apps, tools and features that allow for better management and more control of inventory.

These include integrating third party systems, installing apps and plugins such as Brightpearl, which works alongside dedicated Shopify Plus experts and engineers to ensure you have all the resource needed to manage inventory. This gives you more control over your inventory, regardless of how extensive it may be.


While some merchants may have questions and doubts about Shopify Plus’ features and capabilities, it’s clear that many of these are mostly due to a lack of knowledge and understanding about the platform.

If you have any questions about Shopify Plus, or want to find out more about how the platform can be beneficial for your store, just get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.

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