by Tom Shackleton

Shopify is home to plenty of really exciting and successful fashion brands, and there are good reasons why. Shopify as a platform is great for fashion stores. It’s flexible, easy to use and offers plenty of powerful features for putting your fashion store at the top of the pile.

Shopify is home to plenty of really exciting and successful fashion brands, and there are good reasons why. Shopify as a platform is great for fashion stores. It’s flexible, easy to use and offers plenty of powerful features for putting your fashion store at the top of the pile.

If you’re looking for an eCommerce platform that can handle your catalogue of products, show them in their full glory and help your business grow, we highly recommend Shopify.

Here are 5 advantages of using Shopify for your fashion eCommerce store:

Put Photography at the Centre

Shopify offers a great selection of high quality themes, any of which would make a great starting point for your fashion store.

Shopify’s themes can put photography right at the centre, using imagery to show off your fashion products’ best features. You can focus the design of your store around excellent product and lifestyle photography, allowing visitors to envisage how your clothing fits into their lifestyle.

What’s more, using one of Shopify’s themes as a basis will allow you to achieve a great, modern looking store, without the need for expensive development costs.

You can get your store up and running, or transfer over from another platform without needing to develop a bespoke theme.

Naturally Responsive

A great advantage of Shopify in general, but especially for fashion retailers, is that all of Shopify’s themes are responsive.

Having a responsive eCommerce site allows visitors to easily browse and interact with your site, whatever device they use. So mobile browsers should have a fantastic experience of using your site. With smartphones expected to make up 60% of total traffic by the end of 2017, a great mobile experience is vital.

Naturally responsive

For fashion consumers accustomed to using their phones to interact with brands, having a great mobile site can be hugely beneficial for your fashion eCommerce store.

A responsive Shopify store will let customers shop wherever they are, and interact with your brand on the devices they choose.

Advanced Search & Filtering

As a fashion retailer, your products probably come in various different sizes, colour and materials. So allowing your customers to easily filter down to the variants they want is essential.

There’s nothing worse than finding that perfect shirt and realising they don’t have the right size, or spotting a great pair of shoes, only to notice they don’t have the right colour. That’s why Shopify comes with some great search and filtering options for your store.

You can easily set up all of the necessary variants for your products and allow customers to search for only the ones they’re interested in. This makes your site much easier for visitors to navigate, and helps them to find what they’re looking for more quickly.

Having really powerful search and filtering features on your site can be the difference between a customer finding the product perfect for them, or looking elsewhere.

Great Social Integration

Social media is an incredibly important marketing and brand tool for every fashion brand.

Thankfully, Shopify has some great options for seamlessly integrating social media into your site. You can quickly link your social accounts to Shopify, making sharing and interaction easy for your customers.

Social integration

Beyond this, Shopify allows you to integrate your store directly into Facebook, so your social followers can buy straight from your page.

One of Shopify’s newest features even lets you sell straight from Facebook Messenger conversations. This means you can recommend products during conversations with customers and provide a more personal service.

You could also embed your Instagram feed on product pages to further develop the customer experience and provide social proof right at the point of purchase,

Enhance with Apps

Shopify’s app store means enhancing the functionality of your store is quick and simple.

You could implement a loyalty scheme for your store with apps like Sweet Tooth and Loyalty Lion, encouraging customers to make repeat purchases and forming a community of fashion conscious brand advocates.

You could also use apps like Checkout Share to encourage customers to share their purchases and build up social proof for your brand.

You can use Shopify apps to create a custom, interactive experience for your customers, adding the features that add to your fashion store. Shopify allows you to focus the functionality on the needs of your customers and provide a unique experience through apps.

In Summary…

For getting your fashion store running online, or re-platforming from another eCommerce platform, Shopify is a great choice.

It combines simple setup and management with easy searching and limitless customisation options. For a fashion store looking to grow a strong online business, engage customers and show their products, Shopify is the best choice.

Interested in finding out more about why Shopify is a great choice for your eCommerce store? Feel free to get in touch and one of our team would be happy to help.

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