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Shopify is a flexible, powerful eCommerce platform. This makes Shopify a great choice for eCommerce stores in many different industries, and your childrenswear store is no different.

Shopify is a flexible, powerful eCommerce platform. This makes Shopify a great choice for eCommerce stores in many different industries, and your childrenswear store is no different.

From some brilliant design options and great customisation, to flexibility and a strong business focus, Shopify makes running a childrenswear store easier.

Childrens’ clothing can be complicated. With multiple small sizing increments and a wealth of different clothing options, childrenswear retailers need an eCommerce platform that can handle their vast range of different products and styles.

Here are 5 great advantages of using Shopify for your childrenswear brand:

Amazing Themes

Childrenswear is a strong and growing market, so you need a store design that can get across your unique brand and image.

Shopify has a great choice of themes, both free and paid, that will allow you to create a storefront that really sells your brand. The selection of themes on offer will help you stand out from the competition and develop your image.

Shopify’s new sections feature even lets you quickly rearrange and edit your store’s pages without any technical knowledge.

Childrenswear brand Millymog is a great example of how Shopify’s theme system can be used to great effect. With some fantastic imagery and attention to detail, Millymog have created a site that shows off their unique brand well and really gives the impression of quality.

Amazing themes

Powerful Product Variants

As mentioned before, the many different sizes and product variations that come with having a childrenswear eCommerce store need to be managed and displayed appropriately on your store.

Shopify has a powerful system of variants, tags and categories that will help you categorise and display all of your different products, while still making them easy for your customers to navigate.

You can add descriptive tags to your products, as well as adding multiple variants to account for different sizes, colours and materials. Shopify can easily handle all of these complex product entries and make them easy for visitors to find.

A strong system of tags and variants will also make advanced searching and filtering possible, so your customers can quickly find exactly the baby grow or bib they’re looking for.

Great Customisation

Shopify has a great reputation for being easy to set up and use. But for those looking to grow a strong and unique business, it’s customisation features are also very comprehensive.

Shopify’s biggest asset when it comes to customisation is its app ecosystem. Shopify’s app store allows you to quickly integrate additional features into your site at the click of a button. This way you can customise the functionality of your site to match the needs of your childrenswear store.

You could add custom sizing with apps like Fitfile, and allow customers to input measurements to determine their most appropriate fit or size. Apps like this can help reduce return rates and trim the cost of managing returns for your business.

A great example of how apps can seamlessly add functionality to your eCommerce store is Dot & Co. This fantastic childrenswear retailer has implemented reviews on their product pages, displaying just how satisfied customers are with their products. Reviews are seamlessly integrated with the style of the store.

Great customisation

POS Ready

Sometimes, you just want to take your store out of the office and meet customers face to face. If your childrenswear brand also has a physical store, or you’re looking to open a pop-up shop, Shopify can give you a POS solution with minimal cost and set-up.

Shopify POS does away with merchant accounts and expensive hardware, in favour of a tablet and Bluetooth card reader. This gives you a powerful, portable solution for your bricks and mortar location or pop-up.

You could even take your store to a trade fair or conference, while still being able to collect all of you order data within the same Shopify dashboard.

A Focus on Your Business

Shopify is famed for its business focus. Everything about the services they offer and the user interface of your website dashboard is developed with business needs in mind.

Shopify’s user interface lets you focus on running your business, engaging with customers and building a community around your childrenswear brand, rather than spending time struggling with web updates.

Focus on business

You’ll have the sales stats you need, when you need them. You’ll also have access to some great integrations, such as accounting platforms, that will reduce time spent on admin. For example, Shopify works seamlessly with Xero accounting to transfer sales data at the click of a button. If you want to find out more about Shopify’s integration with Xero, take a look at our blog post.

In Summary…

Shopify’s flexibility and powerful features make it a great choice for childrenswear eCommerce retailers. Shopify can handle complex product variations while still giving you a beautiful and impactful store that helps develop your brand.

Shopify can provide everything that your childrenswear business needs to grow and be successful, with a strong business focus.

Still unsure if Shopify would be the right choice for your business? Get in touch and we’d be happy to meet with you and discuss which other platforms, tools and add-ons you may need to develop and grow your brand online.

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