Friday 4th January 2019

4 Reasons to Retain Your Shopify Agency Post Launch

Fatema Mulla

Post site launch is an incredibly important and crucial time for your eCommerce store. Retaining your agency should be a priority, as they will be your first point of contact for anything related to your eCommerce site.

Your agency will be best positioned to help you with any onsite issues, provide ongoing support, offer expert eCommerce consultancy and can also help you further grow your store.

Here are just a few reasons why it is important to ensure you retain your Shopify agency post launch...

1 - Extended Support

Agencies offer an extended support window post launch that typically lasts around 30 days to offer any additional support and guidance that may be needed.

Any specific support requirements are usually agreed on prior to the launch of the project, and so it's important you work with your agency to scope out your needs and requirements to ensure you get the necessary support.

Retaining your agency post launch to receive this support can provide your store with all the resource you need to ensure your online site runs as smoothly as possible. If any issues or complications occur post launch, it will be difficult to resolve them quickly without the assistance of an agency.

Post site launch is an important period for your store, and so having access to ongoing support and guidance can be very useful. Your online store can greatly benefit from having an agency to consult if you have any queries or concerns once your site has gone live.

2 - Retainer Support/Opportunities

A retainer is essentially a contractual agreement between you and your agency, which determines the amount of time per month that they work on your site.

Without an agency, you will not have access to priority support or dedicated time and resource for optimising and improving your eCommerce store.

Retainer support ensures you can continually work with your agency on conversion rate optimisation projects, website improvements, and overall growth.

Furthermore, being a retainer client will give you priority access, meaning any urgent issues will be taken care of as swiftly as possible. You’ll also be given access to other agency resources such as site audits for further website improvement, or ongoing conversion rate optimisation opportunities.

At Statement, we analyse key client metrics on a weekly basis and put together a list of recommendations to ensure our clients maximise any and every opportunity to ensure high sales and conversion rate.

3 - eCommerce consultancy

With a Shopify Agency, you will have the benefit of receiving ongoing eCommerce advice and consultancy. This ensures you have the opportunity to liaise with your agency and receive guidance and advice regarding a wide range of areas.

From digital marketing advice to platform consultancy, your agency will be on hand to advise you and guide you with any decision you make when running your online store.

They’ll be able to recommend apps and integrations, provide ongoing Shopify or Shopify Plus support, give you advice on scaling and growing your store and much more.

4 - Further optimisation/growth

Your Shopify agency will be best placed to help you with further optimising and growing your store. As they will have worked with you on launching your store in the first place, they’re likely to know what exactly your store needs to be able to grow further.

Your agency will help to build and strengthen your existing store, and identify the right times and opportunities to scale up further. Having worked closely with you, your agency will be in the best position to recommend any ideas to help further optimise your eCommerce store.


Retaining your Shopify agency post launch is essential, as it can be key in helping to ensure your online site runs smoothly at all times, and can also be key in helping your store grow successfully.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of working with a Shopify or Shopify Plus agency, just get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.

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