Wednesday 14th November 2018

5 Ways Shopify Plus Can Free Up Your Time To Focus on Growth

Fatema Mulla

Shopify Plus is becoming an increasingly popular platform choice for enterprise eCommerce stores. With its powerful functionalities and wealth of tools that can help merchants to work more efficiently and productively than ever, it can allow merchants to develop a more valuable relationship with their agencies.

With features allowing for increased automation, pre-scheduling, multi channel solutions etc, Shopify Plus frees up time and resource for its users, and also reduces agency dependency.

Here’s more about how Shopify Plus and it’s great deal of features can help merchants to build a more productive relationship with their dedicated agencies.

Dedicated Merchant Success Manager

All Shopify Plus merchants are given a dedicated merchant success manager that, in essence, is a wider extension of their team. The MSM provides them with insider guidance, platform knowledge, updates on industry trends and even strategic coaching and training.

Merchant success managers can help and provide guidance for everything from activation of sales channels to internationalisation. They work on a personal, one-to-one basis with merchants to ensure that they are doing all they can to help grow your business.

This will reduce the likelihood of having to go to your agency for help and guidance, instead enabling you to use this time to discuss plans for growth and further optimisation.

Uptime Guarantee

As Shopify Plus is a hosted SaaS eCommerce solution, it is stable and highly unlikely to crash. Servers are unlikely to go down, and in the event that it does, it is extremely fast at getting back up.

This means merchants won’t have to get in touch with their agency to ask them to get their store back up and running - with Shopify Plus, this is easily resolved as quickly as possible. It is also highly unlikely to happen as they are equipped to handle traffic spikes all year around.

Wide Range of Apps & Extensions

Shopify Plus has an even larger range of highly effective and powerful apps for merchants, providing them with enhanced functionality compared to core Shopify. From automation apps like Flow to powerful discount feature such as Scripts, Shopify Plus provides its users with all the functionality they need to run their store successfully.

With multiple apps taking care of all aspects of your online store, you will no longer need to liaise with your agency to get help with manual onsite tasks, and will be able to take care of this yourself through the use of different apps. However, you may need to consult your agency if you need any assistance setting up or implementing new apps and features. Your agency will also be able to recommend the best apps and extensions that are suited for your store.

Accelerated Support - 24/7 Priority

Shopify Plus users are given priority over core Shopify users when it comes to support. They are given access to 24/7 priority support and an exclusive support network, thus reducing time they would usually spend talking to their agency to try and get the support they need.

Shopify Plus users jump the queue when it comes to receiving support - meaning any and all issues they have will be resolved as quickly as possible. This will lessen the chance of them having to go through an agency to receive assistance on urgent matters. They also have access to Shopify Plus specific community groups, where they can consult with other merchants on the platform.

Rather than spending the time you have with your agency on support issues etc, you can work on building strategies for the future, looking to help your eCommerce store scale even further.

Ongoing Support & Guidance

Shopify Plus doesn’t just help you through the launch period - they continue to provide you with ongoing support after your launch too. The benefit of having a dedicated Shopify Plus specific manager means you’ll have someone that is directly linked to the platform that will be able to help you. In most cases, your merchant success manager will work together with your agency, leading to a connected approach in which your success manager will recommend ideas etc, and your agency will then work on implementing these for you.

Having a dedicated merchant success manager means you’ll be kept up to date on any industry news, new features and functionalities that could be of benefit to your store, tips and guidance on how to scale and take your business further, and much more.

Your agency will then be able to help put the new features, functionalities and insights into practice, allowing your eCommerce store to flourish and grow.


As a Shopify Plus user, you’ll be provided with all the help and support you need to take control of every aspect of your business. Whilst this may not free you of agency dependency, it will surely change the relationship you have with them. Instead of relying on your agency for support on issues etc, you’ll be able to work with them to optimise your store instead.

If you want to know more about how Shopify Plus can help you grow your business, just get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.

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