Thursday 14th July 2016

5 eCommerce Brands to Watch Out for in Childrenswear

Tom Shackleton

There are some fantastic new and growing childrenswear brands around at the moment, and not only that, there are some great brands that are taking advantage of digital platforms to sell products and build their brand. We’ve taken a look, and compiled a list of some of the most exciting new childrenswear brands for eCommerce, for social media and for content.

Here are 5 eCommerce brands to watch out for in childrenswear:


CamCam, a young children’s clothing and interiors brand from Copenhagen, have put together a clean, simple and easy to navigate eCommerce site that really does a good job of building and communicating their brand to visitors. CamCam’s product images are front and centre, with clearly defined product categories.


They are heavily active on social media, with Facebook and Instagram accounts that carry through CamCam’s image-centric design language and colour scheme. Their social accounts look to inspire visitors with suggestions of complementary products and lifestyle images. Social media accounts are also highly visible on their website with social links and a seamlessly embedded Instagram feed on the home page.

Being based in Denmark, CamCam offers different language and currency options to make their site accessible to international markets. Hopefully we’ll see a GBP option soon.

Go Plae

Go Plae is an eco-friendly, machine washable children’s footwear brand. As a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design in 2014, their product is highly innovative and their site really reflects that. It’s simply laid out and makes great use of both images and video to explain product features.

Go Plae

Social is clearly a big part of their strategy as well, with a section of their website dedicated to user generated content. Go Plae encourage customers to share pictures of their product in use via both Facebook and Instagram. Images are then shared on their “Plae & You” page for visitors to see. Go Plae’s social followings aren’t exactly huge at the moment. But the important thing is, as a brand still in it’s infancy, they are already utilising social in the right way to build relationships with their growing customer base.

Go Plae have also just started a blog, combining complementary content like activity and camping related posts, with designer spotlights.

From Babies with Love

You probably wont find a more innovative childrenswear brand out there at the moment than From Babies with Love. All of the profits from sales of their clothes are sent around the world to help abandoned children, so not only are they a great up-and-coming brand, but they’re a great cause too.

Their website is the height of simplicity and really takes advantage of some of the cutest photography you will ever see, to engage visitors. Product imagery is clean and uncluttered to display their products in great detail. Branding their blog as a “Diary” further enhances their brand and focuses it around the stories of the children they help.

From Babies with Love

Their social media accounts do well to blend product content with press, profiles on brands with a similar ethos and wider fashion news, targeting their efforts at fashionable new mums. They also use social media as a great way of keeping followers up to date with their charity efforts.

Your Children's Wardrobe

Your Children’s Wardrobe brings together some of the biggest and best childrenswear brands from around the world and combines a fantastic website and brilliant social activity to take them to customers.

Your Children's Wardrobe

Tuta Kids

Tuta Kids aims to be the place to go for youngsters already developing a taste for trendy clothing. They offer everything from daily staples to some rather extravagant waistcoats and bow-ties. Their website is focused very much on fashion photography with products separated into easily navigable sections depending on age. They also use Facebook Messenger chat to assist visitors through a channel familiar to them and without being overbearing.

Tuta Kids

As a Shopify store, they have integrated their product catalogue directly into Facebook, making it that bit easier for social media users to find and explore their wares. Tuta Kids are very active elsewhere on social media too, with their Twitter account being used to promote products and their Not On The Highstreet shop as well. Using a multi channel approach by selling though their website, Facebook and Not On The Highstreet means Tuta Kids really cover all bases when it comes to eCommerce.

In Summary...

If you’re looking for eCommerce inspiration, there are a lot of great things happening in the childrenswear space at the moment. Integrating your social media and eCommerce store together to create a seamless experience, whilst using a multi-channel approach to reach customers wherever they choose to shop is the way forward for eCommerce at this moment in time.

Have you come across any new brands with great digital strategies? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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