Why do brand touch points need to be integrated on digital?

A digital brand touch point is whenever a potential or existing customer has some kind of contact with your company online. When you begin to consider the customer journey and the experience that they have with your brand across your website, social media, email and content then you can begin to craft these digital brand touch points to their best effect.

With successful touch points in place, you can improve awareness of your brand. But you can also improve customer engagement and interaction which in turns leads to increased sales and leads from passionate customers. So what should you consider?


An integrated marketing strategy takes these touch points into account and recognises that a customer is likely to have a multi-channel contact with the business. A customer will touch the brand through Facebook, then they might see you on Instagram and then they might read your blog posts and sign up to your email newsletter, etc.

An Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s also important to consider that your customer will most probably access different touch points across different devices (sometimes at the same time!). They will see your tweet on their mobile, read your blog post on their tablet and then they might purchase a product from you on their laptop or desktop computer.

This integration of devices and channels leads to a more complex but more involved customer experience.

What Not To Do

If a business treats digital touch points separately this can result in a disconnected impression for customers. Brand messages can get mixed if they are not consistent and from a customer’s point of view, it can feel like they are being sold to by many different companies instead of by one succinct voice.

A Disconnected Digital Marketing Strategy

This disconnect is unfortunate as it can lead to fewer sales, less brand engagement and can make a company appear less professional.

Key Takeaway

It is important to think about your customer’s digital relationship with your company. If a strategy is not carefully integrated, it can be harmful to your marketing efforts and you may not get the results you strive for. To read the previous blog post in this series, go check out our five secrets to an effective digital marketing strategy which should give you some actionable tips! 

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