Monitoring Results

If you want to implement a successful digital marketing strategy, it’s vital that you regularly look at and analyse how your activity is performing.

Google AnalyticsAre You Regularly Analysing Your Activity’s Performance?

If you want to implement a successful digital marketing strategy, it’s vital that you regularly look at and analyse how your activity is performing.

Making sure you have insight into what your marketing activity is achieving, and how your audience are responding to your activity, will mean that you can learn what works well for your business, and what you might need to revisit and reconsider.

Regularly taking the time to analyse the performance of your strategy will also mean that you can see if something is under-performing (or not performing as well as you expected) and consider how to approach that aspect of your campaign differently as soon as possible.

Mind MapWhat Will Your KPIs Be?

When monitoring the results of your activity, you will need to consider what your KPIs will be. The clearer the aims of your strategy are, the easier it will be to determine what you will monitor in order to measure success.

Whether you decide to focus on website traffic, session duration, conversions or bounce rate, knowing what your KPIs will be when you begin to implement your strategy will mean you can monitor the performance of your strategy effectively.

Knowing from the beginning what you will base your measure of success on will also help you focus your marketing activity as your team will know exactly what they are aiming to improve and achieve.

Are You Making Ongoing Changes to Improve Conversions?

Unless you’re seeing a 100% conversion rate, there will always be room for improvement. Once you’ve begun to implement your digital marketing strategy, and have seen the initial effect it has on conversions, it’s important that you make relevant amends to your activity on an ongoing basis.

It can be difficult to know exactly what will improve your conversion rate, especially if you’ve never really had a clear marketing strategy before. Improving your conversion rate will always be a work in progress, but continuously monitoring the results of any changes you make and comparing them with previous results will help identify how to improve.

Monitoring ResultsWhich Measuring Tools Are You Using?

When monitoring the effects of your digital marketing, it’s important to consider which measuring tools you will use.

Many platforms will have their own analytics tools, for example Twitter and Facebook have fairly in depth analytics for your social activity, and email marketing platforms such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor provide insight into how each individual email campaign you send out performs. However, for other aspects of your strategy you will need to consider which analytics tools you will use to monitor activity on your site.

Monitoring tools such as Google Analytics provide you with in depth information into different aspects such as how many page views you receive, and which pages are the most popular. Analytics can also integrate with your other tools, such as Google AdWords, to give even more insight into how these are performing and affecting conversions.

Our Advice

Make sure you have a clear idea of what your aims for your marketing activity is before you begin to implement it so that you can determine what your KPIs will be and how you will monitor and measure success.

If you need a hand determining the best way to monitor the success of your campaigns, tweet us @Statement and we’ll be happy to help.

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