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Email marketing can be valuable for any business. A successful email marketing campaign can keep you front of mind with your existing customers and influence your prospects to buy, so how can you implement a successful campaign?

Marketing That Gets SeenEmail marketing can be valuable for any business. A successful email marketing campaign can keep you front of mind with your existing customers and influence your prospects to buy, so how can you implement a successful campaign?

What Type of Content Will Your Emails Include?

When looking to include email marketing in your strategy, it’s important to consider and plan what content will be in the emails you send out.

The nature of your business, and who your audience is, will determine what you feel is appropriate and beneficial to include in your email marketing. Whether this is a monthly newsletter to make your business partners and clients aware of any company news, or if you promote new stock and discounts to your customers, you should have a clear vision of the aim of your emails ahead of time so that the content can mirror this.

Make Emails RelevantHow Will You Make Your Emails Relevant For Your Target Audience?

Similar to the content of your emails, knowing who your email subscribers are and what you want to achieve by sending emails to them will help you ensure that you keep them relevant.

If all of your email subscribers are kept in one large list, this can make sending relevant emails difficult as you will end up sending everything to everyone, regardless of who they are or what their relationship with your business is.

Instead of having one large central list, segmenting your subscribers into multiple lists (such as partners, clients, prospects, etc.) will improve your targeting and help you avoid sending irrelevant content.

How Will You Personalise Your Emails?

Using your subscribers’ first names in the emails you send them is friendly and personal, but it’s not the only way to personalise your emails.


One way to personalise your emails ties in with sending your emails to the relevant audiences, which is to, quite simply, ask why your customers are subscribing upon sign up.

For example, if you are a wedding planner, you may target those planning their own wedding, and people who are helping to plan a relative’s wedding - two groups with completely different intent. Knowing why people are subscribing to your email list will help you segment them and only send the content they are interested in.

Time of Day

It’s easy to overlook, but some people respond better to receiving an email at 6pm, whereas some people will respond better to receiving an email at 9am.

Sending your emails at a time that suits your subscribers will reduce the chances that your email will be buried underneath everything else they receive, and will increase the chances of them deciding to open the email as soon as they see it.

A/B testing the time of day you send your emails will give you insight into which times are better suited to your audience so you can keep this in mind when creating future campaigns.

Email RemarketingWill You Use Email to Remarket to Your Customers and Clients?

If you have a database of email addresses from previous customers and clients that you can use in your marketing, then using this to remind them of your products/services can be beneficial in prompting them to return to your brand.

Also, using your email marketing to remarket to customers who never completed an order can be the difference between making a sale and missing one.

The top reasons for cart abandonment are pricing and timing, so contacting customers who engaged with your site but left before they placed an order allows you the opportunity to reach out to them and prompt their return.

If you send an email to a customer who abandoned their cart and offer them an incentive, such as a discount, for completing their order, this can be highly effective in influencing customers to buy from you instead of looking elsewhere.

Our Advice

Learning about your subscribers is the first step to planning email campaigns themselves. Having insight into why they subscribed and what they need from your emails will ensure that your marketing is successful. If you need help finding out why yourcustomers subscribe to your emails, tweet us @Statement and we’ll be happy to give you a hand.

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