Week 7: Cost Effective Digital Advertising

Digital AdvertisingA popular way to reach new prospective customers and drive conversions online is digital advertising. Unlike other ways to market your business using digital, advertising requires a budget, so it’s important to ensure that you are implementing cost effective digital advertising.

Will You Invest in Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is one of the most popular ways to advertise online. AdWords allows you to target specific keywords which are related to your business and your ads can be shown on Google or on their partners’ websites.

As well as having the visibility of your ads appearing on Google, AdWords tends to be popular as it operates on a cost per click (CPC) basis. This means that you set a budget and are then only charged when someone clicks on one of your ads. However, because businesses need to bid for ad visibility, if your ads aren’t managed effectively, AdWords campaigns can become quite costly, which is why if you don’t have much experience with AdWords, you may benefit from working with an expert.

Will You Use Social Advertising on Facebook and Twitter?

Another popular way to advertise your business is through social advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook allows you to create ads and target them towards specific demographics. For example, if you are a retailer of cots and prams, you may choose to target your ads towards expectant parents or parents with children under the age of 3 years old within a 10 mile radius of your store.

Because of the ability to target your ads to specific demographics, you can reach new potential customers for a relatively low price.

Upwork Facebook Ad

Facebook advertising is also quite flexible, and one of the reasons some advertisers prefer Facebook ads to Google AdWords is that they allow longer descriptions and image based ads to further engage your audience.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter advertising allows for you to promote your account or tweets to your target audience. Using the Promoted Tweets function, you can take advantage of real-time events to reach a wider audience there and then.

Accord Promoted Tweet

Twitter also allows businesses to make the most out the ‘who to follow’ feature. By targeting a certain demographic, your business can appear in the follow suggestions of your ideal customers and reach a wider audience.

How Will You Target Your Ads to Specific Audiences?

One of the main advantages of digital advertising is the ability to target your ads by demographic in order to reach a relevant audience and grow your customer base.

If your target audience consists of a specific age range, gender, location or parental status, then you can show your ads to potential customers according to any of these characteristics.

Some advertising platforms such as Facebook also allows you to target to customers based on their interests, meaning that you ensure you present the most relevant content possible to different audience groups.

Using Facebook advertising to showcase your business to a wider audience on social also gives you the opportunity to focus more on selling your products/services than you usually can on social media as users will expect to see business promotion in the ad space and are therefore more likely to pay attention to your message.

Which Pages/Products Will You Promote?

How you decide which pages of your website, or which products you promote through your digital advertising will all depend on what the aim of your advertising campaign is.

Do you have a niche service that so far hasn’t been gaining a lot of attention and you want to increase the number of enquiries you receive about it? Or do you operate within a relatively competitive industry and you find that your more generic products/services struggle to rank highly in organic search results against bigger brands?

Creating landing pages specifically designed to suit the ads you have can increase the effectiveness of your digital advertising both for users and performance. The closer the relationship between the content in the ad itself and the content on the page it leads to, the more likely you are to reduce bounce rate (your customers will expect the content they find on your site) and the cost per click on your ads.

When it comes to digital advertising, you don’t want to surprise your users. If your ad seems to promise one thing but your site delivers another, you’ll run the risk of losing business and ad visibility.

Our Advice

Taking the time to research the best way to advertise your business, and how to effectively target your ideal customers is the first step to a cost effective digital advertising campaign. If you need any tips for starting your first advertising campaign, tweet us @Statement and we’ll be happy to help.

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