Week 1: An Introduction to the New Customer Journey

In order to create a successful digital marketing strategy, you need to understand the journey your customers take before they buy, and the steps you need to take to be a part of their journey - from the first time they research a product, to following your brand on Twitter, to pressing ‘buy’.

What are your customer’s ‘micro-moments’?

New Customer Journey

Micro-moments are the small actions or events in your customers’ day that drive them to search. Whether they are ‘I-want-to-know’, ‘I-want-to-go’, ‘I-want-to-do’, or ‘I-want-to-buy’, micro-moments are intent-rich and are the moments where consumers make decisions and shape their preferences.

If you’re a plumber, your customers’ micro-moments could be a tap breaking, or if you own a cafe, they might experience a sudden thirst for freshly brewed coffee. Understanding the experiences that lead your customers to you is the first step in ensuring that you are the brand they find and turn to in these short moments.

How are your customers using mobile?

When putting together your marketing strategy, ensuring that you include ways to reach a mobile audience is crucial.

Catching your customers on the go is of the utmost importance in gaining new customers (and staying front of mind with your existing ones). Whether they browse Instagram for inspiration on their way to go clothes shopping, or compare prices online before buying a product in-store, consumers turn to their mobiles for quick information.

An active social presence, and an easy to navigate, mobile optimised website will streamline the user experience, and ensure that you’re not putting up barriers for your mobile customers. And when on the move, if it’s your brand they find first, this can be the leading factor that brings your customers in-store.

What do your customers expect?

Customer Expectations

Just like they expect you to have a clean and tidy shop, your customers have expectations for your brand online.

At an absolute minimum, they’ll expect you to have an attractive, easy to use, and mobile optimised online store. They will expect that this is where they will be able to browse your products, and find out more information about them and your brand.

Using social media is the most popular activity online, and 46% of web users will turn to social media when making a purchase. This means that your customers will expect your brand to be active on social media (both publishing content, and engaging with customers). Not having a social media presence (or having inactive accounts) can harm your reputation and stop the customer journey in its tracks. Consumers take a social media presence as a sign of a reputable, trustworthy brand, so this needs to be a key aspect of your digital strategy.

When it comes to using digital, your customers will expect that the experience will mirror the experience they would receive if they were to visit you in person - from the appearance of the shop, to ease of purchase to friendly customer service.

Our Advice

Learn the journey your customers take to find your brand - from the seconds it takes for them to start searching, to how they interact with you before making the final decision. If you’d like any guidance in identifying your customers’ journey, tweet us @Statement and we’ll be happy to help.

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