Websites for Fashion Retailers

A beautifully designed website can be an effective way of showcasing your top products and driving more custom for your fashion retail business.

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Bespoke Web Design

A unique website to match your style and brand

Web Development

Development of your site using the latest technologies

Custom Built CMS

A platform that is easy to change and modify to reflect new seasons and styles

Website Hosting

Enterprise-level cloud hosting for extra stability and security for your website

Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Design

A design that is also optimised for users visiting on mobiles and tablets

Latest Industry Knowledge

We always keep up to date with the latest trends in web design and marketing

Why do you need a fashion website?

Browsing products online and researching brands has become much more convenient for UK customers now that we have access to the online world throughout the majority of our devices. Whether your customers are looking for a new wedding dress or researching the latest trends for the Summer season, they will usually look online.

Do you have an online presence to meet your ideal customers when they are actively searching for brands like yours?

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What makes a successful fashion website?

Every website is different and has varying needs depending on the industry they're made for. Fashion websites in particular have specific features they need in order to meet the expectations of their customers:

  • A fashion website needs to inspire its audience using strong imagery
  • A fashion website needs to present information and products in an easy-to-find format
  • A fashion website needs to be updated often and so should use a platform that allows for this frequent change

Your fashion website needs to be part of an ongoing marketing strategy

Where do your customers live online? Do they use social media often or do they spend more time reading blogs and guides? If you want to grow and reach more customers, your website should be only one of many different marketing activities.

A website that is used alone may not achieve a strong return on investment and so a strategy that involves social media, email, content, SEO and PR should also be considered.

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