Free Download: The Independent Retailer's Christmas Checklist

Download our free checklist for independent retailers looking to maximise Christmas sales

Christmas CupcakesFor retailers both large and small, you need to prepare for Christmas well in advance if you want to be ahead of the curve come the holiday season. This is no different for independent eCommerce retailers. In fact, if you want to compete with the large online retailers that have come to dominate Christmas eCommerce, you’ll need to be very well prepared indeed.

Why aren't independents competing?

The main barrier to smaller eCommerce retailers attracting larger amounts of Christmas traffic appears to be digital experience, with larger retailers having the funding and resources to create stress free systems that keep customers coming back for more. Meanwhile, 28% customers are choosing larger retailers because of poor experiences from smaller ones.

Wrapping PaperWe’ve produced a handy downloadable checklist that you can follow to create a user experience for your independent eCommerce store that levels the playing field and gives customers a reason to choose your unique, quality products over larger, mass produced options. Our checklist includes insights on:

  • Preparation before Christmas
  • Marketing & sales
  • Operations & logistics
  • Post-Christmas & January sales