Client Spotlight: Blood Diamond

Independent British clothing brand, Blood Diamond, are a growing online retailer in Wakefield. We caught up with the team to discuss how they've grown and how they are using digital to market their brand.

1. Sum up your brand in no more than 10 words.

An independent brand creating original clothing with passion, love & emotion (almost 10!).

2. What was the initial inspiration for setting up Blood Diamond?

Founder Tom Whitehouse was a keen artist from a young age and used to sketch t-shirt designs in the back of his maths notebook at school. The idea to start a business came whilst studying at The University of Manchester - inspired by the city’s creative scene as well as the cultural scene in his home town of Wakefield. The freedom of not having to work the standard 9-to-5 job was also another factor.

3. What drives your brand forward?

We find inspiration from everywhere - from every experience in life and collate it all like a magpie. We analyse everything! For example, when we're going on holiday we’ll make a note of the fonts on the side of aeroplanes, the design of the cabin crew’s uniform, and the images in the marketing brochures and that’s all before we’ve taken off!

4. What's been the most exciting moment for you personally since starting the company?

It’s always a satisfying feeling seeing rising celebrities wearing the brand. For example Manchester United’s Josh Harrop and rapper Bugzy Malone have been pictured wearing Blood Diamond.

5. What's the biggest challenge for your business?

The men’s fashion industry is quite a saturated market and we know that the originality and quality of our products and customer service are paramount to rising to the top of the industry.

6. What encouraged you to put a focus on Blood Diamond's digital presence?

Our target market is relatively young so it is vital for us to have a streamlined, mobile-optimised website with a presence on a variety of the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc. Technology is changing all the time and we rely on Statement’s input to stay on top of these trends.

7. Where did you first hear about Statement?

We heard about Statement through Cognitiv, the not-for-profit group which brings together creative, digital and IT businesses in Wakefield and we were impressed by the team’s friendly approach.

8. When you initially contacted us, what were you looking for?

We needed a clean, modern-looking eCommerce platform that would represent the brand. On top of that, we also needed an agency that could guide us on the topics we were unsure of, and we found just that!

9. What's next for Blood Diamond?

As a brand, we are looking to establish ourselves further in the local area and work with boutique stockists that have a similar ethos to our own.

To browse the shirts, hats and necklaces available from Blood Diamond, visit their online store.

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