Get involved with Unique Wakefield this year!

Unique Wakefield is a great project that promotes local independent business and we are always proud to get involved in any way that we can.

Unique Wakefield aims to give visitors to Wakefield a flavour of the best attractions in the town; from shopping, health and wellbeing, to food and drink, it encompasses the wide variety of independent retailers and venues that Wakefield has to offer, and the Unique Wakefield website and pocket guide have been promoting these to both visitors and locals since 2012.

Unique Wakefield Logo

From the very beginning, the Statement team have worked closely with Unique Wakefield. We were involved with the initial branding process and website design and we have produced previous pocket guides. We are always looking for ways to support Wakefield business in and around Yorkshire, so this project was right up our street.

In their pocket guide, Unique Wakefield collaborate with more than 25 local retailers and proprietors to highlight the unique and characterful nature of each business, bringing in more custom to Wakefield and to the individual establishments competing with an ever-increasing number of high street names.

This year, they are hoping to release another guide for visitors to pick up and use around the town and they are looking for new retailers and venues to feature, as well as those who have benefitted from featuring on the website and in the pocket guide in the past.

If you are a small, independent business in the Wakefield area, we urge you to go get involved with Unique Wakefield, as it is a partnership that will be beneficial for your company, your brand and your relationship with your customers (and hopefully some new customers!).

To get in touch with Unique Wakefield, and for more information about how you can get your shop, café, restaurant or attraction featured in 2014, visit their website or send a tweet to @uniquewakefield.

We’re all aware of the economy and how it’s as tough as it’s ever been for small, independent retailers. Without our support of one another, small and medium-sized businesses would struggle to flourish and we should do everything that we can to show our appreciation to our beloved cafes, restaurants, boutiques, salons and all of the other Wakefield companies that we cherish!   

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