It Started with a Tweet: How Social Media Brought a City Together

Over the last year we've been really encouraged by the fantastic activities, events and campaigns that have been going on around Wakefield. From Unique Wakefield to the Lit Fest, people are talking about Wakefield for all the right reasons.

How Wood Street Market began

Wood Street Market happened through the initiative of local business owners and the use of social media as a way to connect directly with people. Social media wasn't just used as an announcement tool, but as part of a conversation.

Stall holders were recruited, ideas were exchanged and awareness of the event was raised, much through Twitter and Facebook. Once the initial interest was generated, other types of media - such as the local paper - saw the potential and also helped to spread the word, but it was social media that remained the key tool.

Even up to the Saturday evening before the market, tweets were posted showing the final preparations, keeping visitors up to date with what they could expect to see, delivering a real time sense of energy, excitement and anticipation for what the event would have in store.

And on the day itself, social media again was used at its best. Photos were posted showing the quality and variety of the stalls, people enjoying great food and drink and artists performing down the street. Individual and unique moments were shared. This clearly captured people's attention as tweets were posted and retweeted throughout the day.

All in all, it showed Wakefield at its best and served as an example of what can be achieved when people work together for a common goal.

Approaching social media

Here at Statement we have lots of conversations with clients about social media. Some businesses can't quite see how it will fit into their strategy and daily operations. There's no one size fits all approach and the networks you're involved with, and how much time you commit, will depend on your business and your sector; retail businesses may be on Facebook and Twitter, but business-to-business companies will probably derive more benefit from Twitter and LinkedIn.

What's important to remember are the key benefits and features of social media as a way to connect and converse with your customers. By all means tell people about what you have to offer, but engage in conversation, post interesting content and ask questions. You'll increase the awareness of your brand and attract the attention of potential partners, suppliers and customers.

The success of the Wood Street Market shows us, with the right approach, what social media can deliver. Over time, and with the right approach, social media can be a great addition to your other business marketing activities.

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