Why Web Design Courses Matter in Yorkshire

Web Design Courses

I don't think that it's too controversial to say that the internet has become a significant contributor to the UK's economy over the past decade. Today has been widely cited as 'Cyber Monday' in the US, with a reported 123m citizens estimated to make a purchase online in the run up to Christmas. In the UK we don't officially have a 'Cyber Monday', but the IMRG are expecting £3.72bn to be spent online over the next two weeks. That's a lot of socks, jumpers and Lynx gift sets!

In these times of economic doom and gloom, the internet economy is a rare glimmer of light. As a country, we need to ensure that we're educating our future generations to contribute and excel in the digital world. We know they're avid consumers of this new state of affairs - actively connected to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in an almost ubiquitous state. However, we still seem to be overly reliant on a faction of self-taught enthusiasts to propel us to the next stage of our eDevelopment. These individuals are talented, motivated and determined, but our society should support them and encourage others to follow their lead.

In order to grow our digital economy we need to develop a generation of web designers, web developers, digital marketing experts and strategists. These are relatively new industries, but if we're to establish ourselves as a country that leads the world in the new economy then we need an education system that supports them.

This is why we at Statement are active and vocal supporters of the FdA in Web Design at Wakefield College. This is a course designed for the future, focused on employability for students and supported by industry. Searching online for 'web design courses in Yorkshire' doesn't yield many genuine high quality options for students, but this is certainly one course that we can recommend for anyone looking to move into this developing industry.

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