We've helped to connect YTL with more of their ideal customers by developing a digital strategy that positions them as a premium source of telecommunications expertise

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Connecting YTL with new business

YTL initially approached Statement looking for a new website, but our conversations quickly uncovered wider opportunities. Our insights demonstrated that YTL's customer base were researching telecommunications in a new way and this provided both a challenge and opportunity for the business.

Rather than just develop a website, we outlined a digital strategy that would help YTL reach more of their existing and prospective clients. By regularly creating great advice and guides on the website, and promoting these through email marketing and social media, Statement have helped YTL to secure their position as a premium and trusted source of telecommunications expertise to businesses across the UK.

We offer YTL a fully managed digital marketing service and regular strategy reviews, allowing them to focus on their core business whilst we look after their digital marketing needs.

The strategy is paying off with consistent year on year increases in new business enquiries, website visits, email open rates, click throughs and social media engagement.

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