Trtl Travel chose Statement to replatform their bespoke site to Shopify Plus, creating expansion stores to bring their products to a more global audience.

Travel Refreshed, Travel Light

Founded during a brainstorming session in a coffee shop in the summer of 2010, Trtl Travel was born to help enhance travelling experiences for all.

Selling a reinvented travel pillow, Trtl’s goal is to create innovative products for travellers that are synonymous with comfort.

From appearances on Dragon’s Den to Good Morning America, Trtl has grown quickly over the past few years, with an incredible response to their innovative travel products.

How We Helped

  • Shopify Plus design and development
  • Replatform from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus
  • Data migration and support
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Added Flexibility

Having started out on a bespoke platform, the brand was finding that it was becoming increasingly restrictive for them, especially as their brand grew in popularity.

After exploring their options, they decided on the enterprise platform Shopify Plus, choosing Statement to help them implement their vision and move their store to an enterprise solution.

Shopify Plus seemed like the obvious choice, as it would give them more flexibility and control over all aspects of their business, from warehouse management processes to global expansion.

An Internationalisation Strategy

Shopify Plus allowed Trtl to fulfill their goal of bringing their products to a wider, global audience.

With the ability to create multiple expansion stores to sell to different countries, Trtl worked closely with us to set up one main site followed by 6 expansion stores to cater to a wider, international audience.

Furthermore, fulfilment management solution Ordero played a big part in centralising their warehousing processes and giving Trtl more visibility over their distribution logistics.

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