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With a brand new product, educating their audience was key for Lo-Dough; a simple, focused Shopify store from Statement helped to do just that.

Bread Reinvented

Lo-Dough’s mission is to change the world through better food, and their team worked hard to create a gluten free, low carb bread alternative product and bring it to market.

Lo-Dough chose to make eCommerce their main sales channel with a Shopify eCommerce store and approached us to help launch the brand, combining our Shopify and eCommerce expertise with their creative design background.

How We Helped

  • Shopify Web Development
  • Ongoing eCommerce Advice & Support
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The Online Store

Lo-Dough chose to make eCommerce their main sales channel with a Shopify eCommerce store, and building a store that could educate their target market about the benefits of their new product would be vital.

We worked with Lo-Dough to create a Shopify eCommerce store focused clearly around how the visitor would use the site; resulting in a simple, one-page store that could inform and draw in customers.

An Incredible Conversion Rate

Lo-Dough had an incredible response to the launch of their product. Order volumes were so high that the team had to adopt a flash sale model in order to meet demand.

Their conversion rate has sat around 6% since launch, jumping to as high as nearly 15% when their product was actually in stock!


website visits in the first two months


customers in the first two months


conversion rate at peak times

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