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Born out of a mother’s mission to soothe her daughter’s sensitive skin more than 20 years ago, today, Green People are a multi-award-winning business on a journey to becoming the UK’s most loved organic skincare brand. Suffering from high costs and a rigid infrastructure, Green People’s Magento 1 store was no longer supporting their needs. Making the decision to replatform, they wanted a scalable and dynamic solution with Shopify Plus, their platform of choice.

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The objectives.

  • Replatform to a stable, scalable platform
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Improve the customer experience through a focus on content

The challenge.

Green People wanted to build a foundation for their future internationalisation plans while reducing the total cost of ownership for their eCommerce platform through a scalable, flexible and modern solution.

Showcasing Green People’s extensive organic product line alongside their breadth of content designed to educate on the benefits of natural ingredients, provide expert advice and present real customer feedback was core to the project. Balancing an enhanced user experience with the positioning of their content in pride of place across the website was key to success.

The solution.

Enhancing the user experience.

A bespoke mobile first design was created, bringing the brand to life with relevant and engaging content displayed during each stage of the customer journey.

Priding themselves on the use of up to 99 percent natural ingredients in all their products, this USP needed to be highly visible throughout their website. Building a dedicated page featuring an alphabetical filter, customers are educated on the benefits of their natural ingredients which are also clearly listed on individual product pages. We customised search and filtering solution, Algolia, empowering Green People with enhanced editability to add content blocks throughout their product collections.

Streamlining the customer journey, product pages boast quick-shopping functionality, the addition of a USP bar communicates their delivery countdown timer, and the ‘free sample’ at checkout feature encourages users to try a product sample of their choice, increasing the likelihood of future cross-selling and supporting customer loyalty.

Creating a personalised user journey.

Taking the online experience even further, a number of third-party integrations including Ometria, Yotpo and Nosto were implemented. Together, with the power of Shopify Plus, we crafted a highly personalised shopping experience at every stage of the customer journey.

Leveraging user generated content to place customer feedback front and centre on their product pages, thanks to Yotpo, visitors can now filter reviews based on skin type and specific issues to quickly find real customer feedback addressing their unique requirements. Nosto fuels Green People’s ‘Handpicked for You’ selection, bolstering their cross sell and upsell opportunities.

Building for the future.

As Green People continue expanding their product collections such as their most recent ‘Nordic Roots’ capsule, we ensured their technical foundations were built to support this growth. Integrating with multichannel stock inventory, Khaos Control, allows the brand to continuing scaling with ease while managing their expansive portfolio. The new website is ready and raring to support Green People’s eventual international expansion with Shopify Plus’ multi-currency capabilities.

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