Formed from a belief that our pets’ food should be wholesome, nourishing and uncomplicated, Forthglade was born in 1971 to fulfil this desire. A ‘bunch of Devonian dog lovers’, they have ambitious online growth plans that were being stunted by their bespoke eCommerce platform. Searching for a reliable solution that could scale with their future plans, Shopify Plus became the top contender.

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The objectives.

  • Replatform to Shopify Plus

The challenge.

Restricted by their platform, Forthglade were left with a website that no longer supported their future roadmap. They needed an agency who could seamlessly and quickly replatform their bespoke solution onto the proven, reliable Shopify Plus platform.

Approaching us with a fast turnaround in mind, we accommodated their needs, lifting and shifting them over to Shopify Plus while offering the latest eCommerce functionality that would drive Forthglade forward.

The solution.

Migrating to Shopify Plus we initially replicated the design, UX and functionality to deliver the desired speedy project turnaround.

Email marketing solution, Klavyio, was implemented on their previous platform a few months prior to launch. Integrating this solution with their new Shopify Plus store, we also recommended the addition of third-party page builder, Shogun, to mimic their existing store’s functionality. Providing Forthglade with impressive flexibility, they can now feature lots of content on-page with different sections and layouts.

The foundations are now in place for us to continue supporting Forthglade’s ongoing eCommerce project. With phase one done and dusted, phase two will heavily revolve around analysing and improving the onsite user experience.

Having already completed user testing for customer research, we have gathered valuable insight to implement on their store. New features will include a reimagined shopping cart alongside an advanced search and filtering tool to make further use of the latest eCommerce Shopify functionality available.

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