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We worked with Dexters to launch their new brand with an informative and persuasive eCommerce store and a digital strategy to get their innovative workwear product to market.

Dexters | eCommerce and Shopify Case Study

After working hard to develop an innovative and progressive new workwear brand, Dexters approached us to develop a Shopify eCommerce site to act as their main sales channel. After a successful web project, they decided to work with us further on a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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Meet Dexters

Dexters is a brand new concept in workwear. The business started as an idea by the company's founder who had a vision for a better and more innovative workwear brand which would offer customers more flexibility, in particular the layout of the pockets.

Dexters is different because is features a unique and interchangeable pocket system which can be completely customised according to the needs of the individual trade.

The team approached us with this idea and the challenge to build a brand and a go-to-market strategy to introduce the concept to the world. This started with a brand workshop to define the brand story and vision and was then followed with a complete marketing programme which incorporated eCommerce website development and fully managed digital marketing campaign to generate interest and drive sales.

We're really excited to be part of the Dexters journey and are looking forward to working with the team to grow their brand presence across the workwear industry.

Dexters | eCommerce and Shopify Case Study

We appointed Statement as an eCommerce specialist to help us to develop the brand, website and digital marketing strategy for our innovative new workwear range. We're now working with Statement as our ongoing digital partner to help fast-track the launch and growth of our exciting new brand.

Lawrence Sheppard, Director

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