We have developed our unique brand workshop programme, where we work collaboratively with our clients to develop brands that create happy customers. And happy customers deliver more repeat business, more recommendations and more success for your business.

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Beyond a Logo

Brands that are more than just a logo and cover the tone, feel and mood across all areas of your business.

Tailored Brands for your Audience

Understanding who your ideal customers are and what you need to put in place to make them happy.

Unique Five-Step Process

We have a unique brand development process covering all areas of brand: discovery, implementation and analysis.

Brand & Marketing

Your marketing is intrinsically linked to your brand so we can also work with you on a strategic marketing plan.

Beyond a Logo

There's a well known phrase in the industry: 'Your brand is not what you say, it's what others say about you.' So when we look at brand, it is much more than a logo and brand identity.

It's actually the whole essence of your organisation and what you stand for - how you do things. As such, it's really important to have a clear brand strategy so you can determine how to best serve and engage with your target market.

Lace & Co.

We help you to see the wood for the trees

We know that your brand is really important; it's essential to understand your offering and how to best serve and engage with your customers. But it can be really difficult for those at the top to obtain clarity in their brand strategy because they are so close to their business or organisation.

Our unique process has been designed to help our clients to obtain brand clarity; to understand who your ideal customers are and what you need to put in place to make them happy. So, how does it work?

Creating a Brand

1. Discover

Our collaborative workshop brings together your organisation's key stakeholders with our brand and creativity experts.

Through our proven discovery process, we carefully examine your organisation's values and objectives to clarify and understand your brand story, who your ideal customers are and what needs to be in place to best serve their interests and position your brand as the market leader.

2. Create

The conclusions of our workshop will provide the intelligence and framework for us to move forward and create the right marketing collateral for your ideal customer base.

From here we'll engage our team to work on a variety of elements based on the results of the workshop. This could include brand identity, web design and development, eCommerce or marketing activities. Any collateral created here will be carefully structured to fully meet the objectives set out in our workshop so they are fully aligned to the needs and requirements of your ideal customers.

3. Apply

Next, we spend time with you and your business, helping you to deliver an amazing service at every stage of the customer experience. This element is crucially important and is what makes our process different. Any agency can work with you on your brand identity.

We work with you to develop your brand reality, helping you to enhance not just what you say, but what you do. We do this by drawing on over a decade of commercial experience in the eCommerce sector, fusing together our operations, commercial and creative experience to help you create fantastic customer experiences, not only in your marketing but also in your business processes.

Planning and Research

4. Engage

Only after a comprehensive research, creation and audit process do we launch (or re-launch) your brand and engage with your target audience. Our brand programme will ensure that all elements will be aligned to the key objectives of serving your ideal customers.

You will be found by your ideal prospects, serve them positively through excellent user experiences and customer service and then, in time, benefit from their ongoing custom and the extended opportunities of their recommendations of your brand to others in their circle of contacts. This is the foundation of not just a marketing campaign, but a successful and sustainable brand.

5. Evaluate

Delivering a return on investment for our clients is a key priority for us. That's why we monitor the KPIs of any marketing activity we undertake for our clients on a monthly basis, with a strategic review each quarter. We live in a dynamic and ever changing world, driven by rapid changes in consumer behaviour. Your brand environment today will not be the same as your brand environment tomorrow.

We remain as a strategic partner for your organisation and will continue to work with you to evolve your future strategy, to make sure you continue to attract and retain happy customers and benefit from a profitable and growing business.


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