Public Relations

Public relations focuses on the relationship that your business has with the public and is all about effective management of consumer-facing communications and raising your brand's public profile - especially in the digital age of social media, blogs and online news.

How We Can Help

News stories, launch events and more.

PR covers many varying aspects of brand awareness in a digital age but traditional strategies are still effective and powerful.

PR in a digital age.

With social media, bloggers and more user-generated content, PR in a digital age is vastly different than what it was.

Positive mentions and brand advocacy.

Making sure that your brand is known, well-liked and shared amongst communities.

Credibility and trust.

Whilst PR is a long-term strategy, it can definitely add credibility and trust to growing brands.

Generating great PR

A public relations campaign publicises your business and builds up a good offline and online reputation; it includes everything from drafting and submitting press releases for key news stories to assisting with the planning of a launch event and inviting key press contacts.

The value of public relations

Media coverage that puts your brand in a positive light is the end goal with public relations. To the general public a positive mention in a feature or article is far more powerful than an advertisement that you can pay for because editorial content it is seen as much more trustworthy.

In addition to securing positive coverage in print and online publications that are relevant to your markets, a good public relations campaign should seek to avoid and handle any potential bad publicity too.

In a digital world, connecting with bloggers and influencers can launch your brand to new heights. We can connect with influential content creators in your industry to take your products to a wider audience.

Getting good PR is not easy; in fact it takes a lot of time, skill and effort, and it is definitely a long-term strategy, but we often recommend it because positive media coverage is worth its weight in gold, especially when you are trying to build a credible brand.

How we can help

We work with a number of carefully selected partners to deliver effective public relations campaigns which complement your brand personality and specific objectives.

With public relations understanding your market is vital so as part of our #ThinkHappy approach we start with research and exploration to discover your unique brand story and values so that we can identify your ideal customers. Knowing more about your brand and your ideal customers will inform the creation of an effective public relations strategy to reach your desired audience. For any ongoing marketing activities we jointly agree a range of metrics to measure performance against. This enables us to effectively review the impact of the activity in your monthly report.

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